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Sabrina Strong Interviews Lorelei Bell (me)

Fourth book in series
Today, m'dears I'm doing something different. I've turned the blog over to Sabrina Strong. She wanted to interview me. Ask the writer the questions. So, I agreed. After all, who better to do it than her, since she lives inside my head almost 24/7.

SABRINA: Okay, this is just something I've wanted to ask  you like, forever. Why didn't you make me a kick-ass avenging bitch?

LORELEI: Good question, Sabrina. And I like that you come right off the starting gate with a very good question like that.
First of all, I've never been able to relate to a kick-ass bitch. Okay? I mean, I don't like women that seem angry all the time in real life. I see enough women walking around with angry frowns on their faces, and you don't dare want to say the wrong thing to them.
But also, when I began writing the very first book, Vampire Ascending, I was seeing a lot  of those types of books where the woman becomes a vampire and goes out and avenges whatever happened to her. I didn't want that sort of book.
I also wanted to have a character that more females could relate to. Someone who was real to them. You were never going to be "turned", Sabrina. I couldn't do that to you. But you had to toughen up when faced with the vampires. Especially Bjorn Tremayne.
First book in series

SABRINA: Yeah. [she blushes] Okay, I can get behind that pretty much. So, why vampires? Why not just make me someone who falls in love with someone and then, I don't know, have some earth-shattering devastation befall me. Like, I don't know, get cancer, or something?

LORELEI: I've had an interest in vampires since I was a teenager. I always wanted to write vampire fiction. That's the reason. But I didn't want to do the cookie-cutter type of book where she falls in love with the vampire. That's always a bad idea for the human. But I like writing fantasy. It doesn't make you stick to any sort of rigid formula. I can pretty much do whatever the heck I want.

SABRINA: So, when you sent me into other worlds, like in Vampire's Trill and Vampire Nocturne, that's what you mean by having some freedom in writing?


SABRINA: I didn't like Dark World so much.

LORELEI: You weren't supposed to.

SABRINA: Why can't I remember the incubus from Dark World? I have trouble even remembering his name.

LORELEI: Must be something in your subconscious.

SABRINA: But this is your subconscious.

LORELEI: [smiles]. And I'm the writer, and I can do whatever the hell I want with you, m'dear.

SABRINA: Well, shit. Okay, never mind that. Why was it you killed off Dante in the second book? I mean we really were in love with each other. But it pissed me off he didn't tell me!!! What's up with all that, anyway?

Second Book in series
LORELEI: Just needed a nice cliff-hanger for people to want to read the next book.

SABRINA: (Swears--WTF?) That's really wicked of you.

LORELEI:  I know. (wiggles eyebrows) That's how I wanted it. But hey, Dante has come back to you in Vampire Nocturne, and in Vampire Caprice.
Third Book in series

SABRINA: I know. I know. But what the hell? He's now an Undead!

LORELEI: And he is your strongest ally. You'll see. He can go places and see things you can't. He will be with you throughout. Fair enough?"

SABRINA: Oh, I guess. (pouts). Okay. Why didn't you put me with one guy or another? Why do I get to be with the different guys. Like now I'm with Vasyl--um, sort of. I'm married to him. He's a vampire.

LORELEI: Vasyl is also a strong ally, and he's your vampire protector.

SABRINA: You put him through shit in number four.

LORELEI: I put everyone thought shit in Vampire Caprice.

SABRINA: True. Plus, I'm having more sex in this one. I'm not complaining. But Wow. Tremayne. Really? I'm surprised I lived through that!

LORELEI: Yeah. That took me a while to come up with a way he could have you and not drain you completely.

SABRINA: Wasn't talking about that part, but never mind. Okay, something that I'm confused about. Why do you call your books "Urban Fantasy" and not "Paranormal Romance"?

LORELEI: Good question, glad you asked. I, myself, didn't know what the difference was a number of years ago, until I began reading a few titles by certain authors. Urban fantasy is more gritty. There doesn't have to be any romance in it, but there can be. There doesn't have to be sex in it either. But there has to be fantasy, and lots of different paranormal creatures within the book. I don't just slap a few vampires and werewolves in there. I've place Rick in there, who is a leprechaun, basically for comic relief. He's one of those colorful characters that people like in a story. Even if he only appears on a few pages. I like to bring him into the story where he can add a little color to it.

SABRINA: Rick is in Caprice  a lot.

LORELEI: Yeah. I needed his input in this. I wanted the relationship between you and him to be strained a bit by mid-way in the story.

SABRINA: Boy. Is it! So, what is Paranormal Romance, then, getting back to the original question?

LORELEI: Right. Basically, it's a romance where they've simply placed paranormal characters (vampires, werewolves, etc.) into the story in place of the guy and gal who are obviously going to get together in the end. You know they are, because they either hate each other at the beginning, or don't trust one another. It's really simple, and I get bored with the whole plot for it. I never let you know who you'll be with in any book, or who you might wind up with at the end.

SABRINA: Like in Vampire Nocturne. I really couldn't help myself with Jett, there. (Squinches face) I like to say that the werewolf that came out in me made me do it, but...

LORELEI: Riiiiight.

SABRINA: It would seem that these books are sort of like stories about my adventures, and how I solve a mystery during the course of the book.

LORELEI: Yes. There's always some sort of mystery to solve. Sometimes its a murder mystery, but not always.

SABRINA: So, how many do you have planed? Which book are you writing now?

LORELEI: I'm actually writing number 8. I've got a beta reader working on the next book (#5), Vampire Crescendo.

SABRINA: Any chance to get an idea of what that one is going to be about. I can hardly wait... Oh, well, I'm in them, aren't I?

LORELEI: Yes. You are. You will be butting heads against Nicolas and then Ilona in Vampire Crescendo.

SABRINA: Oh, crap. Do I take care of that bitch? Finally?

LORELEI: (silence)

SABRINA; Okay, I get it. we don't want to give too much away too soon.

LORELEI: Also, you are to save Tremayne from silver poisoning from your dagger in this next one.

SABRINA:  Oh, crap, that's right! He's dying from the dagger's silver that--oops. Am I supposed to say this? That's sort of a spoiler, if I say, isn't it?

LORELEI: A bit of a tease, actually, since we aren't really saying what happened in #4, here. Tremayne gets stabbed in the heart by Dagger of Delphi. It doesn't look good for him and that's my cliff-hanger for that story. (smiles)

SABRINA: Well, I can certainly see how you've worked on these books. Number eight? Already? What happens? Where do I go in this one? I went to Colorado in Vampire Caprice.

LORELEI: You go back to Black Veil in the eighth one.

SABRINA: Really? Do I see Jett again?

LORELEI: Nope. And I want you and the readers to be surprised with what happens. But--hint--it's my western book.

SABRINA: (Scrunching up her face again) Really? A western? On Black Veil?

LORELEI: Why not? Remember. I can do just about anything in writing fantasy.

SABRINA: Wait. I'm the clairvoyant here. I'm seeing something... (closes eyes). Ooo, he looks interesting. Who is he?

LORELEI: Not telling. Interview is over.


  1. Creative and fun, Lorelei! It's a whole lot of fun to play with a character in this way.


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