Saturday, February 18, 2012

Matching Actors to My Male Characters

Well, a few weeks ago my search was for a hot/cool car for Tremayne to drive (in the 4th book). We decided on the Mustang Super Snake. Today I'm trying to match up actors with a couple of my main characters.

Today my focus is on two main characters: Bjorn Tremayne and Nicolas Paduaru. I've kept searching for a hunk that could fill the Viking-vampire's 7 foot frame and I think this guy will serve nicely.
Matthias Hues -actor

Matthias Hues is German born, and has been in several action and martial arts movies. He played a supporting role in Star Trek 6, where I believe he played an Klingon. He also played a bad alien in "Dark Angel". I think his 6'5", 250 lb. frame would serve a believable master vampire. And I had a bunch of my fans/friends agree that Matthias has what it would take. Hunk all the way...oops, I think I may have drooled a little.
I'd like to thank Suburban Vampire for drawing my attention to a new Dracula film starring Hues. It's called "Dracula 2012"

John Stamos
 I asked around for people to suggest someone to play Nicolas. He is an impeccable dresser, a 600+ year old vampire from Romania, he is dark, suave, debonair, sophisticated, and delicious looking with dark eyes that are somewhat haunting, which might make a woman say 'yes' to just about anything.

I want to thank Shelly Arkon for suggesting John Stamos for this role. I would have to agree with her suggestion.

Hmmm, who will play Dante, the Native American? I also need the twins, Heath, and Lief with their British accents and caramel-colored hair.

What you you do when you're trying to picture your characters in your mind? Do you picture actors, athletes, friends?


  1. I picture Dante as well...normal looking. Nothing extrodinary accept for his bod. A young David Bowie would be great for Lief. I'll have to think on the others.

  2. A 6'5", 250 lbs vampire? Yikes! :)

  3. Those are fantastic choices! Dante, that's a tough one. I'll have to do some searching and let you know what I come up with.

  4. ~There's plenty of time, Shelly... I'm working on who to direct LOL!

    ~E.J., yes. Tremayne in my book is actually 7 foot tall, the guy who plays him has to be bigger than life, and Matthias Hues is perfect.

    ~Thanks, Heather. I haven't gone looking for any of the others, if you get any ideas give me a call.

  5. Things totally vary depending on what character I'm writing. Keila and Varick weren't anyone while I was writing them, but Chris and Simy were based on friends.

    Matthias is pretty impressive looking,

  6. I tend to use people I know for certain characters. Sometimes I take a little bit from one person and a little bit from another, and then they don't know I used them. (^; I'm sneaky that way.


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