Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some of my Own Decorations

This is an afghan I made last year. I have it hanging on the wall.

Just a little decoration with lighted pumpkins

And below are the French doors, which are decorated for Halloween.

Next up, I plan on bringing you CATS & WITCHES!

Saturday, October 15, 2016


What's Halloween without PUMPKINS?

I think they are my favorite part of Halloween. Maybe it's those childhood memories of cutting into one and pulling out all the guts.
O' course, it would be nice if the damned thing would just upchuck and save me the mess!

Pumpkin Carving Idea:

Just beware, there are those pumpkins who are cannibals!
Pumpkin carvings:

And some are creepy!

Mummified Pumpkin Carving Ideas:

paper mache pumpkins! I like the idea of putting a little extra creative effort into a carved pumpkin knowing it wont go bad in a week!:

Some are just Uuuugly...


Some are EVIL!

Carve a pumpkin like this :):

Some are, uh, hungry...

Funny and scar:

But others are pleasant, pretty and decorative!

Love this Halloween pumpkin display!:

Some come in disguises...

Pumpkin Carving Ideas_07:

39 Whacky Weird DIY Ideas for Pumpkin Design:

C'mon over to the Simpson Design + Decor Blog to read all about "My 10 Favourite Activities about Autumn"!:

Black cat pumpkins:

So many can be found on Pinterest! You can browse each idea by clicking on the pictures. (Who knows, you may become addicted!)
Halloween - witch pumpkin:
I haven't figured out how to carve my pumpkin yet, but...
Maybe something to keep those nasty clowns away?

Pumpkin Ghost Halloween Decorating Idea:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

From The Broom Closet

The other day, to get the season off, I gave you CLOWNS.

Today just sort of catching up on HALLOWEEN stuff. 

If you're like me, I just don't have room for all of my brooms and hats. Maybe just leave them out like this. I don't think anyone would jump to any conclusions, do you?

Angel Grant- Witches and Broomsticks Halloween 2015:

Sort of hard to figure out what to do as this Halloween. But sometimes you can find something to give you a nice green glow, or show off those fine cheekbones, and wicked eyes!

‘Spellbound’ Halloween Witch Eye Make-up Tutorial The classic Halloween witch makeup can be done so many different ways. To inspire you all this Halloween I have created a spellbound witch makeup look using VIVO Cosmetics. You don’t need a full face of makeup to be a witch for Halloween. Go with this awesome purple and green eye make-up look and skip the makeup hangover on November 1st. To see video tutorial click >here<   Happy Halloween! Karla X:

Hello Fashion takes on Halloween with amazing skeleton makeup and the most gorgeous Oscar De La Renta gown. @hellofashblog:

And decorating shouldn't be too hard. Just get your pet spiders to work extra hard in the next few days...
This is scarier than any gore/slasher film. I'd curl into a ball if I was stuck in this. -MR:

We've always got some munchies and finger food for guests! Makes you drool, doesn't it?

I can't help but bust out laughing when I look at these..:

De la pâte à tarte et des amandes pour pouvoir mettre ses doigts dans la sauce:

Some Creepy Recipes from The Kitchen. if you want...

And decorating the backyard for your guest can't be overlooked, or over done!
Haunting Ghost Halloween:

chicken wire with cheese cloth draped over it. I would suspect the cheese has probably been treated with RIT Whitener and hit with a blacklight.:

People are just dying to get in to my party...

Haunted House Prop:

Or... out...
Scary haunted trail decoration:

And I wait until then, watching for my guests to arrive on Halloween night.
Haunted house idea:

Thanks for stopping by!
Please excuse me now, I really have to get the water out of my ears...
I use a fishbowl wadded up some black tulle, print off a picture of Miss Leota on Photo Paper and   cut it out and placed it in there.    That is it!:
all images from Pinterest!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Creepy Clowns to the Left of me...

Have you seen them?
They seem to be popping up everywhere...

Creepy clowns lurking kids into the woods. Pictured: A participant of ...

In the news people are reporting having either seen, or having been threatened by people who take on the clown persona. Coincidence that it's closing in on Halloween?

A link to just one of those stories (if you get through the stupid mini ad) here. And this is a better one on UTube.

It's gotten to the point that dozens, maybe hundreds of people have gone out "hunting" clowns with golf clubs and hockey sticks. A rebooting of ye-old times tale of hunting the monster, me thinks.

And if you're on facebook, don't get it in your head you can get away with scaring people with threats. It has not gone well with those who have done this either. One youngster got caught. Well, it might have been because he used a school issued computer to do his dirty deeds, but yeah. He wasn't too smart.

A friend told me that if you dress up as a clown this Halloween you may be arrested. The police are not going to be laughing at your costume. You might have to spend it in jail.

I told my friend this is just like yelling "fire!" in a theater. People are not going to be laughing. And it's against the law. Period.

Anyway, when I heard about this, I thought I would incorporate it into the next Lainey Quilholt murder mystery book. Whenever I get to write that. I needed some sort of prank for a sort of side story, and add some drama, maybe some suspense to the book. This foot the bill, since Lainey is going to start college in the second book. I thought a scary clown lurking around campus would be just the ticket to keep readers on edge.

I, for one, will stay home and hope no clowns come terrorizing us in the middle of the night, out here in the boonies.

Next time you see someone in clown make-up wandering around in the woods you maybe wondering who, what, why, and can I run faster than him?