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Dawwlings,I've too many blogs to keep track of! But, that's just me. Come check them all out right here under one roof, if you have the desire and time.

My Writing Journal! where I talk only about writing/WIP, how I edit, and writing in general. Here you catch up on what I'm working on. I talk about plotting and some other writing mechanics. I welcome all to comment.

Got Vampire?
Well, do ya? Yep. If you like vampires, this is the place to come! 
Since I am the guru of vampire anything, I take a look at the lore, odd notes from newspaper accounts, my own take on writing vampire novels, my WIP, other works by other writers. And there's room for guest posts as well. Just drop me a line at  if you are interested, have a book coming out and need to tell the world!

A Page of Latte
I began writing poetry in high school (what girl didn't?), and that's what sparked my desire to become a writer. My poetry (and writing) was pretty bad back then--I couldn't even get into the high school literary magazine! But, hey, add a few (4) decades and dedication to working on my writing, the desire to learn how to write poetry, and here I share not just my poetry, but how I've learned to write it--using methods from renown poets from writing magazines, and other places. Yeah, that's right, I'll give you the skinny on it right here, if you're having trouble with writing poetry that gets published. I'll also give you a few new types of poetry to try out as well. You've heard of Haiku, but have you ever heard of the Tanka--it's a variation of Haiku. But there's lots more and I'll examine them from time to time. My posting will depend upon time, and interest, but for now it's once a month.

Lorelei's Archives ~ lots of writing here from poetry, to whole chapters.

Something Nebulous Within ~ This is about a writer who has been beaten down time and time again (me). And yet, she emerges as a winner because after 3 decades she didn't give up. See what she has to say about it all.

Vampire Writer's Retreat ~ anything about vampires, stop by for a drink of the red stuff! There are chapters from my books and partial chapters, and thoughts of a vampire writer. (This blog is sleeping, like a vampire, as my new main vampire blog is now Got Vampire? above.)

Sabrina Strong Series File ~ A Blog about The First Book in the Sabrina Strong Series- More about it here and about the characters (on the sidebar). Many interviews (links) from other blogs where I've been a host, or reviews of the books. So, if you're curious and want to read more about the books (currently 3, but 4th one will be coming out in 2014), you might find this useful.


Hi, everyone, I have some great news! My first Sabrina Strong book, Ascension, is now in an audio book format.  NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTE...