Friday, December 19, 2008

Four Years Ago . . .

Spell of the Black Unicorn, my adult fantasy book had been created.

Now it is in book form, and available through Infinity Publishing.

A year ago, in fact, I didn't think it was possible. I'd just gotten this new computer--a gift from my husband.

Just last week, I had my first book signing at a Borders in DeKalb, Illinois.

This is a brief synopsis of the book:

Zofia Trickenbod appears to be a normal 40 year old mother of two, living with two cats, an aged aunt and an owner of an herb/Wicca shop in the small town of Gladstone,Illinois. But she's really a sorceress from another planet, and Keeper of the Stone of Irdisi (the most powerful magical implement of her planet). Why is she here, on earth, you might ask. She's hiding out from a dangerous, deranged wizard, Vesselvod Blood, who will do anything to get his hands on the stone--which includes murder.

A black unicorn, which is associated with the wizard keeps appearing her her backyard.
Zofia realizes through seeing the unicorn, Blood is here, because the unicorn always seems to be wherever he is. So, Blood has found her, yet she can't find him, and he's hard to miss--he has one black and one blue eye, scraggly black hair and a distinguished mustache--he just looks evil. But she can't seem to locate him.

Zofia later learns that he has stolen a magical necklace that allows him to look like anyone he chooses, thus, he may be posing has friends and neighbors just to get close enough to steal the Stone.

She also finds out that the only way to see through his disguise is to obtain hairs from the unicorn's main and tail, and wear them as a bracelet. The only person who can approach a unicorn is a maiden. So, she incorporates her daughter, Blanche (16), to do the job. From that point on, she and the unicorn form a sort of magical bond--wherever Blanche is, the unicorn now can't be far away.

As another twist to the story, her husband, Dorian, who once was a very capable wizard, and was thought to be dead, shows up one morning on her doorstep, explaining he's been turned into a vampire. Zofia and her aunt try to turn him back into a wizard, but things go awry when he's jailed, suspected of murder, and an ex-boy friend, who is a cop, now becomes her worst nightmare, after Blood.

Zofia must try and keep her two children from harm through Blood's devious ways, and has to tangle with Blood's wicked half-sister, and an almost too handsome demon. However, the black unicorn figures into her salvation at the end.

Spell of the Black Unicorn is a mix of fantasy, romance and mystery, and a little humor sprinkled in.

I'm presently working on the sequel. What I intended was to create believable, likable characters--even a few kookie ones--that readers like, and want to see more of. Characters you can connect with, or care about their plight throughout the story. I wanted something that would carry the reader along, allow them to be lost, just for a while, in a story.

Spell of the Black Unicorn is available at or

Happy reading, everyone!

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