Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Review of First Drop of Crimson

I nearly bought this paranormal romance when I went looking for something interesting to read two months ago. A good thing I didn't buy it, since this was one of the books I'd won in contest at VampChix about 4 weeks back.

You have to admit the cover catches your eye. I had this book sitting at my table next to my computer trying to work, and the hot guy on the cover, half undressed, clutching the woman who is also half undressed, just made me pick it up and I read the first line and kept reading it, and before I knew it I'd gone through the prologue and into the first chapter. I was hooked, you might say, on Frost's plunging you into the danger, the action and you automatically like Denise MacGregor and relate to her troubles, and terrible death of her husband, and then her relatives. Then the demon's sly way of getting her to open the door to him and letting him in, that was well done.

The writing is compelling enough to keep you reading, that was one of the things I noticed about author Jeaniene Frost's style. Even knowing this was a paranormal romance, I found myself unable to put down this stand-alone novel in which her two “favorite characters” from her prior novels are drawn together in a fairly dramatic tale of vampire male and human female deadly attraction sort of story.

The handsome master vampire, Spade, kept Denise MacGregor on her toes--and more than interested. There was that sexual tension working on both sides. Witty dialogue was a plus. The plot had enough twists in it to keep my attention and want to go back to it. I wanted to see how it all was resolved, and was done in a way I had hoped it would go, and with the heroine solving her own problem. I didn't feel that the usual ploy of keeping them guessing at each other's emotional commitment went over board--I hate that. I don't want someone brooding about what the other person is thinking, or what they intend on doing as far as their relationship in a novel more than maybe a few pages out of the whole thing. This one gets an A+ on that.

I knew that the first portion of the book was working toward the ultimate love scene. It was a while in coming. I felt that if I'd read one more scene where they haven't screwed each others eyes out I was going to scream. Finally (I won't tell you it's in chapter 23), they did, and it was very well done, and erotic enough to make me halt in reading it, because I was on the bus—I needed to put it down and read it later—in private!

I did like the shower scene, very unique and I wonder if there is such a room in a hotel in Vegas. Probably.

I liked the characters and long before I'd gotten to the hot love scene, I'd decided to check out Frost's other books of the Night Huntress series, and will probably buy the first one in that series.

I liked how she sketched out each character, Denise and Spade, their backgrounds and histories and incorporated this into the story. And the very reason he can't bite her was a rather unique reason, I thought. One that's never been used yet.

As a rule I don't run out and buy a romance-anything novel. It took me a couple of mistakes before I realized what these novels were--I've read Lynsay Sands'"Vampire Interrupted" and Sherrilyn Kenyon's "One Silent Night". I don't like how these authors had re-invented the vampire, or changed something about how they can or can't go into sunlight (that's one thing I don't like about Frost's vampires, but I'm forgiving her this one thing), I'm a purist when it comes to certain things vampires should and shouldn't be able to do. I think they need some weaknesses. I couldn't even get through Kenyon's book. I don't like the Male vs. Female who are both wanting to murder each other, and at the same time jump in the sack. I'm not down with that. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. That's just me, I guess.

As far as Frost is concerned, I'll be looking for her next one “Eternal Kiss of Darkness” coming out this summer, and want to look into the other ones with her characters Cat and Crispin. They sound like interesting characters, and I'd like to get to know them better.

Next up: Michele Hauf's Her Vampire Husband

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