Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Chill & Other News

My writing friends to the north are experiencing SNOW. We, here in northern Illinois have said good bye to the unusually warm, and dry weather of October and have been re-introduced to November, and saying hello to cold, windy, rainy weather we all know and hate.

Well, I warned them.

I'm to work on edits for my book. I was told it was sent (I'm supposing a disk), to me priority mail. Yeah, I have stupid dial up, so having them send the whole thing to me over the Internet could take hours. I chose not to go that route.

Oh, my due date (to think I'd have a due date for getting edits done on a book is still making me pinch myself), is on this coming Friday--the 19th Is it coincidence that the second to last Harry Potter movie opens that date? If they hope to get the book out at the end of this month. Well. The disk had better get here on Monday, or it's going to be shaving it really close.

I've been in touch with Michele Hauf of VampChix, and she has slated me for a December 8th feature @ VampChix! I was very excited, and have held off posting about it, but wanted to get this out a little before. I'll remind everyone about it when the day nears.

My husband did a wonderful thing, and made reservations at a nearby restaurant for Thanks Giving. We have no children, and we don't go anywhere any more, and the workout on getting such a meal for just the two of us cooked--and the dreaded clean up after--has just been exhausting, lately. So, that's a thing to look forward to. Aside from our get-away the first weekend in December, for our 22nd anniversary, to White Pines Inn. We've a cabin for two nights, and a theater-dinner booked for Saturday--the comedy version of Scrooge. We have been looking forward to that date for months, now. Not sure that we should have, since we will have no work for 2 weeks during the Christmas break, but we haven't done anything special for the season in years. We simply need to treat ourselves. This should be really nice, quiet, as it's situated in the state park. I'm hoping for snow. I'll take pictures, and eventually get them on disk. Should be a great time.

I've also gotten the book by Jamie Wasserman, who'd had his book featured over at VampChix. It looked interesting, and I tried to win it in the contest, but when I expressed interest in it, Jamie simply sent it to me. I offered to do a review here at Muse, and maybe an interview. Jamie's work has been nominated for Pushcart. But I'll reserve all his information at a later date. However, this book is quite interesting and a little different.

I'd finished Dead Koontz's 1st book in this Frankenstein series, "Prodigal Son", and need to write a little about that, but I just haven't had time. Believe me, getting up at 4 a.m. to get ready to go to work doesn't leave much time for me to do much writing. When I get home, I have to measure out the time I do everything, or nothing will get done. Thus, this morning, when a scene was in my head--a future scened--for the book I'm writing now, I wrote it down while drinking coffee, watching the news, and trying to keep it all in my head while my husband talked about things on the news, or such. I feel terrible, but he's used to me half-listening. He knows what I'm doing may lead to us getting out of here, someday.

Well, I haven't checked my numbers over at Vampire Ascending facebook page, it was up to 12 last time I checked. If you are interested in hitting the LIKE button on my book at facebook, please do stop by. I'd like to see the numbers grow as the date of my book's release date nears.

(sorry if the web page doesn't go through. Just type in book's name: Vampire Ascending and it will come up. )


  1. I always disliked the cold, dreary weather of this time up in Indiana. (I do, however, envy your state park stay in Dec. Hope you have a fabulous time.)

  2. I didn't know you had a Facebook page for Vampire Ascending! I will definitely check it out and hit 'like'! You've given me a wonderful idea for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much!

  3. Sure, Heather. And thanks for going to hit the LIKE button.

    And thank you J.L. I'm looking forward to this like you can't believe.

  4. Congrats on your book! Sounds like you have some nice plans for the holidays--and happy 22nd anniversary!

  5. Thank you, Maria. And thanks for dropping by. All ways happy to see new faces in my comments!


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