Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a Week; What a Year!

After a very nice day of shopping on Monday--our day off--the next day my husband's back went out on him. We have no idea what he did. Probably a combination of things. He tries to drive, but sitting kills him. He goes home. Because of his back actually puts him on the floor when he gets home, I have to bum a ride from my boss. My boss is a nice guy, but . . . he's my boss.

Wednesday Dennis stays home. He feels better but, has a scratchy throat.

So, the next day--today--Dennis tries to go back to work. However, now the scratchy throat is a sore throat--which means (you guessed it), a cold. And his back is still killing him. He goes home again after the first shift (4 hours of agony), but at least today he was able to get into his truck to come and pick me up. Something that was entirely impossible on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, my publisher, Wilfried, tells me that they will certainly do the dedication to my mother-in-law (In Memory of), and they're working on my photos I'd sent them for the book--and maybe elsewhere on my blog at their site. And he tells me that if all goes well, my book will be on Amazon as early as the end of the month.

Exciting. Yes. But the other stuff just pulls me down. Dennis will have to stay home tomorrow. There's no question about it. This looses pay. There are no "paid sick leave" in our company.

In the meantime, if anyone out there knows how to make a fan page on facebook, tell me how, or contact me via my g-mail. I'm scared I'm gonna screw up. I'm just putting the all-call out. I'll go to my page at Writer's Digest, and maybe at Author Nation, see if anyone can help me. Between all this and at facebook, I'm sure to find the answer by Thanks Giving.

Also, my new blog for the book is up/ready to be viewed. You can get to it on the left hand side column, click on the book's cover. Or click here I've created it to give a little more information on the book, and even on the main characters, just little tidbits about them. Wish I had pictures that I have in my head to go with. But, the book has descriptions in them.

This year has had a lot of strange/nasty things happen we've had to endure. The worst was, of course, the death of Dennis' mother. I screwed up a few things and really feel terrible about the phone thing. But you make mistakes. It's all the stupid other things in life that just keep on happening and we'd just like to have a run of good luck for a while. Maybe the book will do well. I sure hope so.


  1. We are human, we make mistakes, it's our nature. The key is learning from them and I know you have! You're a brilliant lady. That's great news that your book should hit Amazon next month! I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you Heather! I've always valued your oppinion.

    I wish you the greatest luck in finding that agent.


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