Monday, December 27, 2010

The Interview

Once you have a book published, and you need to get the word out locally, your local papers are the best resource you have to getting the word out about your book, and any book signings you may have coming up, and have the news spread far and wide.

Today I've arranged for an interview with a local paper, The MidWeek, and my interviewer is the same person as with my first book. I remember arranging this interview the last time at the bookstore where I would have my up-coming book signing, and arranged it to come out in the week of the book signing. It worked out great, and since this is a one-day-a-week paper, timing is crucial.

I'm not sure if I'm a "good" interview. I've had two papers interview me. One was live, the other was both over the phone and via email. The live interview is nerve wracking to say the least. Like anyone I get nervous and know I'll need some notes to help me think of things to say. You'd think I'd know what to talk about, but nerves do a number on me. I hated speaking in front of a crowd--hated speech in school, and had to suffer through that in high school and college.

There are some authors who seem to be unaffected by being in front of a crowd and speaking. I'm not one of them.

So, the interview is with someone I've had before, but I'm still taking notes, because the guy was quite willing to have me go on and on about my book and even I was bored. Also, a good thing to bring is a sheet you've printed out with details on the book, where to buy it and so forth. This can be the back cover information about the book, just a blurb for them to place in the article.

Another thing you might not think of is to give out your blog, any other places the book can be seen at.

Oh, and you'll need your book. It makes a nice photo op. People who know you may see it and want to stop by the book signing. You'd be surprised who will buy your book merely because they know you. They might not ever read it, but they'll want a copy with your autograph in it--maybe thinking you'll become a big hit down the road and they can either brag about it, or sell it on eBay.

So, tomorrow at ten o'clock I'm meeting my interview at Borders. I'm already nervous.


  1. Thanks for this great advice. I hope to be able to use it some day soon! I'm sure your interview will be brilliant!

  2. Yes, I am sure you will do very well! Good luck! Thanks for the advice, too. Not sure when I will be there, but it will happen eventually. lol

  3. Good luck to you, Lorelei. Isn't it amazing how far we've come from being alone with a word processor program at a quiet desk? Eventually we are stepping out, doing interviews, networking, etc. You'll do fine. Thanks for the tips. My e-book was just released as a paperback and soon I will have to work up some press kits and begin handing out copies to newspapers, local television shows, magazines, etc.
    Much success to you,


  4. Thanks Jen.

    And Jimmy, you are so right about stepping out. And congrats again on your book coming out in paperback. Hope it does great!


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