Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Anonymous:

There's nothing I hate more than someone who butts in line, or takes advantage of something because they can. I hate rude people. I don't like when someone pushes me out of the way and then proceeds to run all over me. I'm older, wiser than I was 10 or 20 years ago. Ain't going to happen without me making a protest. So here goes.

First I want to say I have spent two years working at my blog, trying to make friends, getting to know some of you the best I can with the limited time I have--especially with my slow connection. I've gone to your blogs and made comments and at no time did I try and muscle in on someone else's featured book, or interview by telling them all about my book.

I felt honored, ecstatic, that Michele Hauf gave me the chance to feature my book, Vampire Ascending at VampChix just this week. I was invited, I didn't push myself onto this site. I waited until my book was published and available, and asked, and was granted the space and time on VampChix.

But something happened that really irked me, and rightly so, if you'll just indulge me a moment more to explain. Someone left a comment that pretty much ran over my parade. It took away my joy of being featured, and I think it's really rude even despicable that someone should feel they have to sneak into someone else's post in order to get recognition because they don't know enough people out here, or have no other way of getting attention other than stealing it.

Those of you who know I was featured at VampChix on Wednesday I'm sure went and viewed it, and a few commented. Which was fine because you commented on my book.

But one person who chose to be an "anonymous" commenter went and entered all the information on another person's book, the name of the author, where to buy it and how much, yada, yada--and I have a suspicion the author, herself, did this--and that's down right rude to do this! (No, I'm not going to reveal it here. Not going to get another freebie.)

Think of it this way; you've worked hard at writing your book, finally it's published, you're so very proud and now you're working to get it noticed by going to your blogging friends, and getting their permission to have an interview or what have you.

Then, someone comes along and slips in an ad for their book in the comment section. Would you take that laying down? Wouldn't it just tick you off? Personally, I've had my share of people who have always pushed me around. Years ago I began to push back.

May I also warn all of you to be on the look out for this sort of thing to happen to your posts in the comment section. It's quite possible this person (or others who think this is a pretty cool idea), may be hunting for the opportunity to do this again. May I strongly advise you to delete it as soon as you see something like this.

I have emailed Michele about this, but I have not heard from her as yet. I may have to try her again, since they've had some bad weather up that way, so I don't know. I had some really terrible weather ourselves, so maybe the email didn't go through.

I hope if any of you got to this post and see it, leave a comment on how you feel this person really has the nerve of doing something so rude.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me, come and joined my blog. YOu know this takes work to get to know other writers in this way.


  1. The link to this post at VampChix:

  2. I am sorry someone did something like that. It just isn't a classy move.

  3. Michele just got back to me. She has deleted the comment on that post, and then she realized that person had spammed her posts for the whole week!
    Putting midly, Michele Hauf is not happy about this at all. KAPOW!

  4. Hey! I felt so awful about that post. Like I said in my email to you, I usually catch these spammers pretty quickly and delete the comments. But I've had computer problems and am not using my usual computer so didn't get that spam alert until after Lorelei contacted me. Aggh! Very frustrating. There are a lot of authors out there. And we all have to work at our own promotion. There are right ways to promote your book, and very wrong ways. This was a very wrong way, and reflects very poorly on that author. But, you reap what you sow. So there you go.
    Lorelei, I'd love to have you back to VampChix some time! (I'll keep a better eye out for spammers, if so)

  5. It's so unfortunate that people do this. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the comments on my own blog for things like this.

  6. I had just posted a comment to the effect of "Bravo Lorelei for standing up for yourself!" here. But after trying to sign in, apparently there was an error and it deleted my post... GRRR...

    Anyway...bravo Lorelei for standing up for yourself! Tell those sons of bitches to back the hell up and learn their place! It was so inspirational and made me feel so GOOD that not only did you stand up for what was right, and courteous, but injustice was righted and you stood up for yourself! Don't let rude jerks rain on your parade!

  7. Wow, thanks Jennifer. You actually read an older post of mine. A lot of people do read them, but not that many go to the trouble (and you had trouble aplenty) to leave a comment after so long a time has passed by. Thank you, Jennifer!


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