Saturday, January 15, 2011

I've Lost My Days!

Is it Sunday, or Saturday?

Well, I know it's Saturday, but it feels like Sunday to me. I go back to work next week. I actually have to finish off the break service tomorrow, and Monday, since it is a holiday which the University observes. I have a 6-day work week coming up. But I will also make OT. That will help bring our money back up quickly, after the lay-off. We would have been scraping the barrel, if it weren't for taking the Unemployment. As much as we hate the job, the money will get caught back up.

As I begin back to work, I'm going to have to do less posts in here, since I've been working on edits on the next book, but this doesn't mean I'm not going to be around.
I've been working on interviews with other writers. And not just authors, but those who are not yet published, struggling to get there.

Why would I interview those of you who are not yet published? Or, even those who have had some short stories, poems, or whatever, published--the things that we all work at while working on the novel we want to get out there. You are all Writers In Progress. You are learning your craft, you all share the ups and downs, the frustrations, having to work to make a living, married and have children, or single. It matters not, your voice is important. I've been there more years than I care to mention. The lows were really low. But the highs have been terrific. I had always wondered why writing magazines didn't want to publish stories of struggling writers. The only place I've seen come close was By Line. It was more open to struggling writers back in the '80's but I suppose they needed to compete with The Writer and Writer's Digest, etc., and changed their "friendly to wanna bee's" format and became tougher to get into. I have not checked them out in years. They probably still have something called "First Sales" which is a nice way to earn a little something, get the by line and be in print again.

Those of you I have met around me--my neighbors in Blogspot--have the blog going and you pour out your heart and souls and triumphs and so on at your blogs. But I've always felt that we all need to come together somewhere at one place, tell a little something about ourselves, our desires, and sort of like a gathering of friends. I'm going to call it The Coffee Klatch. Here we all get a chance to air our stories. Each week I will host a new writer interview on my blog--hopefully I will get enough of you brave enough to do this.

So, this is what I'm doing for the next few weeks and months, see how this goes. I'll have the Author In Progress banner to display the announcement. Because that is what we all are, whether we are in print or not. Even after that first book the writer does not stop learning the craft, does not stop wanting to master something in writing that perhaps they feel that they could do better at.

My first interview will be with author, James Garcia Jr. I will announce when it will be posted. I will use the picture above to announce it and then the next day post it. (Until I find a better picture, that is)

My hope is to get to everyone out there who wants to do this. I'll come around and ask, or if you wish you may leave a message at this or any of the interviews, that you'd like to have your moment at the Coffee Klatch (I may find a suitable picture for this instead), and I'll place it on my sidebar so that I can place the name of the writer for that week.


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