Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion

This is picture with me holding my book in Borders where I'll be at this Saturday, 3-5

The article came out today in Midweek you can read it here--hopefully I got the link right.

My husband and I went to town to do some errands, and popped into the bookstore, mainly to find out if my books have come in. The young lady wasn't sure. She said they'd had a shipment come in, and it might be in, but she was the only one on the floor right then, and so offered to check later, and give me a call.

You know that hitting the panic button too early would be foolish. It's only Wednesday. So we picked up the latest MidWeek--3 copies--found my article and went to a bar and grill to have a small lunch to celebrate.

When we came home message on our phone was from Borders telling me that the books were in. All 36 of them! Wow. A dozen more than my first book signing with my first book. Julie must have big hopes on me to sell this book. Boy, I hope so.

Things seem to be working out. The books came, my story hit the paper at the right time. Oh, and Publisher's Clearing House sent me that special envelope they told me to watch for. I might win a million dollars a year, every year. Shoot, one million is all I could handle or even need right now. Sure would make last year disappear real quick.

Well, my new year is working out so far. Angels have a way of helping out on their end too.

Thanks Mom.

I guess I'd better not rest on my laurels and get back to work. I've only so many free days left!


  1. Thanks. He took about 5 pictures of me. The article turned out good too.

  2. Yay! Everything is lined up for a perfect signing! I love the picture by the way! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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