Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I love the odd words, the ones that are in our vocabulary which are considered colloquials. We don't think about them too much, until we need to use them in our writing and then wonder if we've spelled them correctly. I find mine in other books, and hopefully I've jotted them down correctly.

When you need a cold one at a bar & grill, it's called a
brewski or if you want two, brewskis
and the guy next to you tells you about his neighbor who
siccedhis dog on the paperboy just because he was in a bad mood. But then the dog chased a squirrel, which wasn't a squirrel, but turned out to be a skunk and they had to wash the dog several times, and Sudsed him up
and you really thought this guy was a dufus anyway because you can't wash skunk off a dog's fur. You turn back to your brewski and find the foam is really sudsy and ask for a new one.

You see how we use such words all the time because they are convenient and this post was easy-peasy.

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