Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Week

What a week. Not all bad, but some of it wasn't great.
I actually slipped and fell in the turn around in front of the student center at NIU. It had snowed and was a bit icy. I had the wrong shoes on for this, I'll admit it. I was also distracted because of something that happened on Monday--it has bothered me all week and I can't discuss it.

So, I was off my bus, crossing over onto a walkway that wasn't salted. They had scraped the snow off, but this left it quite slick and one foot went out and down I went and suddenly I was looking up at two guys I work with. One was my supervisor, and he's 6'6". I told them I was okay. Just that the leg (thigh) which tried to hold me upright was hurting because I'd strained it. Otherwise I was okay. Really. And the two guys lifted me like I was nothing. My supervisor filled out an incident report and I signed it later. My husband, who had his bus in a different area, was told by another driver who apparently saw me go down, told him about it. That brought him over. Other than getting my V-8 juice all over my pants and some on the coat, I was fine, I assured him. This upset him. I didn't want him to be upset, but what can you do? He's always said I shouldn't be doing this job--that I should be writing at home and doing what I love. Well, we can't have everything, can we?

Other than the sore thigh, I had no other problems from that fall. I can tell you that my supervisor was on the phone right away to ground and told them that one of their drivers fell, and that when I returned two guys were salting that area. Wow. But I noticed they weren't out there the next day it snowed. Do they want a lawsuit?

On Wednesday I decided to bring in the copy of my book to show a few people who may have never seen it. I wanted to show it to Tony who works for The Northern Star, because he was going to do my interview. Well, when I showed it to him he said that he was going to read the book, but had no time because of classes--I've gotten this answer from people who are students and have no time to read anything but homework. Tony is an English major. Cool. I would love to hear his take on my book. He said he fully intended on buying a copy. "Well," I said, "you'd better go and buy it soon, because I don't know how much longer the Borders will be open."

On Thursday my little friends from Borders came on my bus to visit while waiting for the #7 bus. Daniel I've known the longest. Ashley had bought one of my books. She said she too had been too busy with studies to read the book. But she reported to me that some guy who said he knew me had come in and bought my book. At first I actually couldn't figure out from her description who it was, because I spoke to another person about my book too. I later figured out it was Tony.

Friday. Thank goddess! Tony got on my bus early, and I said I hear that you might have gone and bought my book? "Yes," he said. "Everything is on track for the interview." He would read it during Spring break, and I would hear from him.

My husband drives the #1 bus and parks it at the end of the turn around where we come in and out, so I can look in and see if he's on his bus or not. I drove in, looked, and saw that his jacket was on the seat, but I couldn't see him. I looked along the bus, trying to see inside through the windows. Now, it's been slushy and has made our buses big old piggies, and so when I looked on the bus and saw HI LORELEI (: on the windows I about died laughing. There my name was on his bus. Later on, he said that people on his bus wondered who Lorelei was--someone actually pronounced it right and everything. I told him he's making me famous. When that article comes out people will go "It seems I've seen that name somewhere."

Last night he made lemon chicken. He was tired, but cooked the whole meal. Took an empty wine bottle to pound out the chicken breasts. He's quite a guy.

I'm trying to put things into perspective here. I get home and barely have enough time to work on wriitng, and I have to promote as well, so when I get time I work on the book, thus I've got very little time to blog or even visit blogs. I try to get to everyone, but it takes time. Thus, when I've only so many hours to work on my book I have to do that. I'm a writer first. I do appreciate everyone who comes and checks out the posts. I get people checking out older posts, too. And thank you for comments as I know you've gone to the extra trouble to let me know you've visited.

Now, I'm going to go have my morning coffee with my husband.


  1. What a week you had! I understand about the writing time and lack of time to do the marketing, reading of other blogs. It's not easy, especially when you'd rather spend it writing. It's not easy to promote.

  2. Yeah. I'm constantly on the look out for new blogs where I might get on at. Trying those that only read--not writers themselves.

    I really wish I had more time to spend doing everything I want. How do you make time for that and still do everything that needs to be done. {:,

  3. Hello, my friend. I'm sorry to hear that you fell. I thank you for sharing the story of your week with us. There are a great many of us in the same boat, aren't there? This year I think I am going to make some changes - I'm just being pulled in too many directions. My post next Friday for Wicked Writers will detail this. Our subject then will be on motivation and what keeps us from quitting. It wrote itself in one sitting. I bet yours would as well.
    Take care, okay? Take care of that husband, too. Sounds like you've got a good one.


  4. Thanks, Jimmy. I'll have to make a trip to Wicked Writers next Friday, see your post there.

    And yep. My guy is wonderful.

  5. Good luck with your book. Your husband sounds awesome. Mine makes me the Lemon Chicken sometimes too. Great stuff, and loved everything but the blood.


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