Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crawling out of the Grave

Well, took me a few days to figure this out. I still could not come to my blog from my desktop, and so presumed it was still out. So I tried another way in and saw that while there was no place at my blog that said "new Post' it had it at my dashboard. I'm a slow learner! But, we'll see if I'm able to post, or if this is all a dream. And then there's the commenting as well.

I got home today to learn that my husband had rearranged my office.

Oh, no you say?

Oh YES, I say.

My husband has the knack of organization down. He can organize anything from a simple drawer of junk to a room, and even to a whole warehouse (yes, he did that once), and I think someone could use his expertise, but unfortunately, nary the two shall meet, I suppose.

Anyway, my couch is now away from both doors, and is now on the north wall, next to a window, and away from the windows where we'll put the a.c., he placed the two black lacquer bookcases over on the wall next to the doors and they fit beautifully.

Next he transformed my wobbly table into something more stable and with left-overs from the counter top, I've got myself a great table to write at!

I still need an actual desk. Perhaps I'll get that someday. Hopefully this year.

What with all the bad weather, being under the threat of tornadoes and such, I've been carrying around with me a disk of the next book! You couldn't blame me, I'm sure. And if you go to my facebook page, you'll find my link to the first chapter of the next book--if you have not had the chance to read this excerpt from Vampire's Trill, as yet, that is. If you're new here, and would like to become a friend on facebook, please do that, if you'd like.

My friend, Dora Dee, is excited that she just recieved my book, Vampire Ascending, in the mail yesterday--which she won in the contest earlier this month. I'm sure she is reading this whenever she has time! She has been quite a supporter over on both my book's facebook page and on mine. I'm so happy for her!

I've had another young lady who learned I have a vampire book out and she has wanted to get her hands on a copy, and told me today that she was going to get it this weekend. I hope she does, I know she's been excited about buying for a couple of months now. She told me as soon as she got her first check from her new job she was going to buy it. I told her I was going to get her hooked on my books *evil laugh here*.

So, I hope that things are back to normal here at blogspot. I really couldn't do without it.

Oh, and if you're reading this post, and have read Vampire Ascending, please take a little extra time out and vote on your favorite male character in the book, upper left side at the very top of my blog. I love to see who everyone liked the best. There's Nicolas, Vasyl, Bjorn, and Dante. I sort of think Dante will win. See if I'm right.


  1. Sorry you had blogger issues. Glad your husband organized your office for you. You have a keeper!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Lorelei! Yes I'm enjoying reading Vampire Ascending. Unfortunately I haven't gotten far for the simple fact that these allergies are killing me - notice I've also been incommunicado on my blog for the same reason. Tonight I'm placing the book in my bag so I can read it on my long bus ride into work. Something strange is definitely happening to Blogspot. When I first signed on I couldn't get to the dashboard. Your husband definitely is a keeper!

  3. Blogger is back but not quite fully functional yet. I keep having small issues. Hopefully it gets ironed out soon. Congrats on getting your office made over! Awesome hubby! Okay, off to vote for my favorite male character in VA...

  4. Let me see if I'm still having trouble, first

  5. Okay, I'm unable to post a comment under my Google account, but I can do so via Anonymous. Interesting.

    Thank you, Jen, for stopping by. I've a feeling you had to go with the alternative for same reason, maybe?

    Thank you Dora Dee, I sure hope your alergies get better--I don't know what you take, mine aren't too bad. And I hope you get some reading done this weekend!

    Heather, as always, thanks for your comments, and if I comment as Anonymous, I hope you'll know it's me. I'll leave my name: LOrelei so everyone knows!!!


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