Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitchen Coming Close to End

Well, this week the nice ceiling fan/light went in. It looked great. If I were able to put up a picture I would. But the comparison to what had been there, well--there is no comparison. The thing made of some sort of bamboo, a throw back to the 60's, was mostly a dust collector that sort of hung over the ugly globe that gave off very little light. I was happy to see the goofy thing sitting over a pot in the yard. Good riddance. My husband called it a yard decoration.

The next day I found a bit more added. The floorboards went in. Jerry--the retired painter who said he used to make $45/hour doing this (and he would have earned it by what he's done just in our kitchen)--had done all the painting, and he caulked along the edges of everything. Beautiful work.

Yesterday the other thing that went in was the cupboard/vent fan/light over the stove. You could do brain surgery with all the available light in this room. The vent wasn't even our idea, and we love it. Planning out where we'll put all our stuff once we can move back in.

Jerry and Dennis had talked about the ugly floor heat vent. It had been black, but was all roughed up and just ugly. So, Jerry had mentioned how a person could take three different colors of spray paint and make it blend in with the floor. Well, I came home and saw he'd done exactly that and boy, you don't even notice its there!

Dennis said he had asked about me being a writer, and--my husband the salesman--told him as much as he could about it, and Jerry wrote down the publisher's site and said he'd have one of his kids go on line for him. I'll probably get a couple of sales out of this. Who knows.

Next week final touches and somehow, some way we'll get a new stove. But the window has to be put in--that may go in tomorrow. It's actually two, and they go up over the sink. And next week they have to finish the cupboards. I hope they'll put on the hardware, but if they don't, I'll do it. But they might just go ahead and do this for us.

We'll be going to Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend to get some ideas for some additions and curtains that we have to get.

That's all from me for now.


  1. Congrats on getting close to having your new kitchen! Whoo hoo! The shopping for ideas to decorate is the fun part. Enjoy!

  2. It is the fun part. That, and moving everything back in. Still have the clear coat of varnish for the wood to have done, the new windows, and we hope a new stove. Then get the refrigerator in and our table and all else.


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