Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Quick Post for Saturday

Hey all. Last night I lost blogspot. But that's okay. I had to do a little work on the third book.

Today I'm mailing in my second book--it's on a disk. This is the only way I can get it to them. Anyway, I'm nervous. Why am I nervous? I have no idea. Whenever I do something out of the norm I get nerves. Silly me.

Yesterday I posted and made note that I'd begun another blog, here on blogspot. This is my writing journal--thus the title Lorelei's Writing Journal, and I've placed a widget to the side for anyone who wishes to stop by, but the link can be clicked on in this post as well. Yesterday, I was surprised to find on my stats I'd already gotten two hits. Hah! Germany. My name is very famous in Germany, thus, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. I get German visits all the time here and at other blogs. So, welcome all to all my blogs! I'm about 3/4 German, along with Norwegian, and some Scotch/Irish, French Canadian (although I'm not sure where the French Canadian came from, it might be my Indian heritage).

Today I posted about Dracula--the historical one--from my notes a while back. I keep a writing journal on each and every book. Do you do this? I keep a written one, of course, I then keep

(1. a document on all the characters as I develop them--this is better to do, because you can change, delete ones you no longer want, change the spelling and so forth.

(2. I also keep an ongoing journal on ideas. I date my entries, and I also use the navigator to bookmark certain passages which might be important to me and I'll want to look things up quickly. This holds down all the paper in a notebook you'd have to go through, by doing it on your computer and in a separate document.

Okay, I have to get ready to go to town, get to the bank and deposit checks and mail my book off.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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