Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting Dirt Under the Fingernails

There is always something relaxing for me to go out and plant flowers in black dirt. My whiskey barrels were looking rather forlorn and weedy. Plus, I had some re-seeded marigolds in one that needed to be redistributed.

So, yesterday we went and bought me some flowers. I didn't need many because the marigolds would help fill it out. My passion is the color violet to orchid, and petunias are one of my all time favorites. Along with the gold of marigolds, it would be eye-catching.

I was able to take the day off, called a woman who was more than happy to take my run, so that was no problem. Somehow the knowledge you don't have to get up for work relaxes you and you can concentrate on other things. Getting outside in the sunshine helps too.

I've been working on my WIP, of course. There's a certain excitement for a writer when a minor character rears his ugly head and lets you know he can fill the order of villain. I usually have a couple of bad people in my books--as some of you may know. I usually save revealing the real nasty villain toward the end, at the climax (which is what some writers do when you don't reveal them in the beginning). I like people to wonder who is going to turn out to be the deadliest person. So, I'm working on this today.

What are you doing today?


  1. I'm working and dying to go home. Lol glad you are having a good day.

  2. I know the feeling. Thanks for stopping by--Lorelei

  3. Today is Tuesday, the last of the 8 days-in-a-row shift. So, this morning I'm catching up on my blog reading. Next, I've got a pile of edits to do. Received 11 chapters back from my editor. Then, I have to go to work, 3-9.

  4. I'm trying to catch up on blog comments today. And, I'd love to be able to take the day off and have lunch by the lake.....

  5. It's the thing about having a job that gets in the way of the writing spirit. But do we quit? Do we let it bust us down?
    Thanks for stopping by, Shelly and Lizz ~Lorelei


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