Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June 1st!

I wanted to put up a bright picture of something June like, well, I like this photo of the lilacs.

I've been busy, but you knew this. I've just finished up with an interview with a starlett named Veronica Backhams and you can catch it here. Believe me this was an unusual interview given by someone who has never read a book in her life. (Supposed to be funny, ha ha)

I saw a car crash today. My first ever to witness it right in front of me. Sort of jarred me. Involved someone going through a red light, and the car in front of me went because he had the green. Again, look both ways even when you have a green light. I see people going through red lights all day long, turning in front of me--yeah! BIG BUS COMING! DUH!!!!

Those of you who have followed me know that I'm on my thrid book, second book is on its way to publisher's (yeay). I'm in the first draft of this thing. Began it while still working on second, and also having just sent first one off to Copperhill Media, back in August, I believe. I don't know why, but my brain doesn't stop working on something with my stories. While working on the second book I worked on ideas for the third one. Got scenes, dialogue and wrote them down. Didn't know where it would head. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of writer. I'm never without an idea, or if I am, the idea will hit me usually in the worst places--like while I'm driving, or taking a bath, or sleeping (and I wake up with it and have to write it down).

Today was no different. I was working on how my ending would go. Just mulling things around. Sort of letting it take shape. There's a type of "think outside the box" sort of way with how my plots come together. The "A-hah!" factor sort of splats me in the face. I let it settle a little, after, think on how it will work. I do not outline. Outlining is not fun. I'm a girl and girls just wanna have fun. Right? 'Kay.

Having finished the second book, and now onto the third in a series, there must be a moment in every writer who writes a series that goes: "Huh. Now what?" In the second book you have to introduce more characters, and more problems--or portential problems. And hold back all sorts of secrets. Secrets even you don't know about. You have your villains. Oh, villains who might not be the main one, but dirty, lying bastards, and nasty bitches because you need your heroine to shine. If you've done a good job in the second book, introducing those new characters who may, at a moment's notice come to your heroine's aid, this is good.

But in my third book Sabrina is no longer on Earth, but has been sucked into a whole new world where vampires rule and even the elves can't go and help her because they would loose thier powers, and I've made it so that Sabrina is the onlyone who can travel back and forth through the ley lines to and from this world--so no one else can help her.

So, I've set this up so that she is alone, she has to find her cousin who was sucked through this portal, and she has to find her before it's too late. . . but it might already be too late. Hmmm...


  1. It amazes me how you can write so quickly. Keep on going.

  2. I pretty much write like you do. Sometimes I write an outline, but I end up chucking it because my characters come alive and tell me what they're going to do. An intuition thing, I guess. Which reminds me...research symbol butterfly and the Sekmet.

  3. Yikes about the car crash! Thank goodness you weren't involved. As for book 3, wow lady that sounds awesome! I can hardly wait!

  4. Lorelei said . . .
    Hey, guys!
    Yeah, I'm the Ever Ready Writer, Jen.

    Shelly, chuck the outline, let your characters decide what they want to do. It might take a while for the to come talk to you, but they will.

    Yeah, Heather, if I had been there ahead of the car in front, I would have been there--But I watch for nut-os doing that, because I see it all day long.

    I'm exited about the deal with your book, too, Heaher! Good luck, I think yu made the right decision!


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