Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lorelei Unwraped

The ground fog was dense as cotton as I started out on my hike into the park, early this morning. The heat indexes are going to be an issue today. Thus, all out-door activities are done early. I was considering going out while it was still dark out with a flashlight, but that was a silly notion. I only had Dog Man to contend with, surprising him because I didn't have to drive into the park. He didn't know I was out there. He walks something like 5 or 6 dogs--no leash. I'm so sick of that jerk! I found out he'd gotten a ticket, but he's buds with our superintendent and somehow got off on it. One of these days someone might have to do something about him.

I've just joined Twitter. I don't know how to use it. Possibly I'll figure it out eventually. I've figured things out here, pretty well, so I'm just trying to get with the in crowd, and possibly help myself.

I've worked on my new blog for the second book. When the book is officially about to be released, I'll give you all a link to go check it out. I've yet to see a cover, and that would be something I'd like to have on this page before I release it to everyone.

Walking, my favorite way to relax my mind and get something figured out for a scene. It always seems to work. I had a scene (4th book), where I've just had Sabrina remembering something during her childhood. I'm trying to fill out her past a little bit and this is a sort of turning point in the book. I think I tend to have a theme in mind. It might get away from me while I'm writing, but I usually come back to it when I edit.

This fourth book I'm trying something a little different with the writing style. Instead of the first person through Sabrina's eyes only, I'm going with 3rd person with other characters, getting into Tremayne's head and a few other people in the book. I think it will offer something a little richer for the reader to get into, rather than getting the story from Sabrina's eyes only. I'm working on Tremanye quite a bit, and there's a few other characters, including a very evil vampire. Nope. Can't say any more about that!

Anyway, I'm having fun with my characters, and hopefully everyone who loved the first one will give the second one a read. Then, the third, and then the fourth. . .

Also, happy that Dennis and I have found a dentist that isn't going to pilfer our wallet. The last one told Dennis he had 5-6 cavities. This one told him he had one. And it wasn't urgent. We also had our teeth cleaned. The last ones we went to were a conglomerate with several dentists and several hygienists. We had full mouth x-rays--something my insurance didn't cover, and they never got around to cleaning our teeth. We were told that would cost us in the THOUSANDS!!! Needless to say, we payed the bill for that horrific blunder, and never came back. We were told we needed "deep tissue" cleaning--as if we had to have surgery or something. Yesterday, we simply went in, got 4 x-rays (insurance will cover), and Dennis bit the bullet and let the hygienist go to town. Mine I have to come back for a second go at it. Finally, got our teeth cleaned! We've had so many places screw us (including a phone company), that we were somewhat leery, but we'd been to this dentist before, he's up-to date, but not so far out there that you can't afford him. Even though my insurance only covered 70%, I'd rather take that than 100% and get nothing done, and be told we'd have to take a loan out just to have teeth cleaned!

Well, that was my rant for the week--I hope. 


  1. Yay! You're finally on Twitter! Look me up: @HeatherMcCorkle and be sure to jump in on my weekly chat Monday nights at 6pm PT. It's a great way to meet others in the industry.

    I love your new idea for getting into other character's POV, that sounds like it will be interesting!

  2. Thanks,Heather. I'll be sure to try and join you then.


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