Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I see lots of things on the NIU campus. Sometimes not things I really want to see, but the shirt this guy had on caught my attention and I had to use it for my post title. Caught your attention, didn't it? So did this smiling kitty.

So, I've been out visiting with you new people out there, I sometimes leave comments, if I feel the need. I don't have a lot of time to work on my book--and when it comes this hot and fast, I really don't have much time to even post, but I try. I was not able to participate in the 200 word challenge for the Campaign; I can't be hemmed in like that, for one thing. But mainly I'm heading into the climax of this fourth book, and I'd really like to get it finished in a week or so.

Many of you who I have visited are just starting out writers. I do know what it feels like to tread unknown waters. It's been a while, but I've been there.

Here's a point in fact. So, I'm writing along and last night I had to look up GPS systems for what I'm having one character do. Which is good, I Googled it and got some good information so that I don't sound like a complete dork in the writing. I also had to have a wrench fall into the engine compartment, but not fall all the way through to the floor, and had a friend of mine give me a wonderful line, which I told him I'd use, just switch the words around.

Tonight I'm working on this WIP. It takes place in Colorado Springs area. In fact I'm at Garden of the Gods, got the satellite up on that location in Google Earth--God I love that! But it's night and since I don't know when they would close in November, I'm hesitant in working on the scene where they gain access to where they want to go.

So, what do I do? Scratch my head all night? Heck no!

I skip that part. Nothing worse than allowing your writing guru, Muse, or whatever you wish to call it to suddenly go belly up. Better to skip something and get to the part you want to get to.

I've got a new notebook where I've been jotting all sorts of things down for the up-coming scenes. In fact this morning I was writing in my (paper) journal, and had the dialogue and scene for this chapter.
Bill will find Sabrina's purse, which is inside the backpack. My thought was to get Bill and Cooper back to the motel. But this morning I decide against that notion. Because of what is to happen next I need this to happen right away, and in the car.
The Dagger of Delphi is inside the backpack. Cooper, being a bit too curious for his own good takes a peek inside. Dagger of Delphi kills demons, and Nephilim, and all of their agents. Cooper is a lower class of Nephilim. Bill is the upper class. Since Cooper opens the bag up, the dagger goes after Cooper. Cooper is dying while Bill is driving. Bill realizes what has just happened. He didn't know that the dagger still existed--or that Sabrina had possession of it.
He pulls over to the side of the road. (Cooper is going through death throes, gagging and sputtering, and getting blood all over Bills white interior--he knows that blood won't come out of leather very easily.) Calls his father.
"She has possession of the Dagger of Delphi."
"How do you know?"
"It just stabbed Cooper."
"Cooper! Is he there with you?"
"Yes," Bill replied calmly. "I just picked him up from the airport, as requested. I was following Sabrina to a local sight here and only found her backpack. Unfortunately--well probably fortunate for me--Cooper got too curious and opened it up."
Cooper slumps over.
"It stabbed him?"
"Yes. I think he's dead."
"Get away from it! Now!"
"How? I'm driving!"
"Pull over, get out of the car and leave. Once it has killed, it will go after the next closest enemy."
"What about the body?"
"Lock the doors, make sure all the windows are up. Eventually the decay will leave the remains in a pile of ashes."

Well, this is what I've got so far.

How's your WIP going? Do you get stalled when you get to a point and don't know how to proceed? Try writing the next scene, or some dialogue. It loosens things up and gets you moving again.


  1. I need to pull out some of my unfinished works and get it together.

  2. Yes. You know that by doing it, you may find a new story inside of the existing one.

    Just stitting down a reviewing what you have written might help get yourself excited about your work.


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