Friday, September 16, 2011

What The Hell Friday


This morning I had to go to watch a training video on blood born pathogens. Well, jokingly I asked if this video had any vampires in it. Nope. Darn!

Did anyone see that show about "Vampire Secrets", I think it was on the History Channel? I spoke to one person who did, and I know what it's about, now. I actually belong to a vampire site where many of the individuals are either psychic or sanguine vampires.

And since we're on the subject of BLOOD, I spoke to one student about the whole idea of drinking blood (I drive NIU students around campus and off campus), and he is a biology major. He knows that I've written a vampire novel, and was talking about the fact that drinking human blood does get a person high. You might recall in True Blood episodes/books where they touch upon vampire blood being a "drug".He said this is an actual fact, and he explained the reasons about it, and since I'm not an expert on the hows and whys of it all, I'll just leave it as a titillation for now. Possibly I might come back to it in another post.

In the meantime, here is a bit of a teaser scene--speaking of blood--from my WIP. It's very short, but interesting.


  1. Okay, something happened to the scene I was going to post, so I'l try and post it later. Sorry

  2. Yeah. Something happened. Crap. But your little diddy about humans drinking blood was interesting but not something I'd try. Anyway, blood's been a big deal for thousands of years in many different religions. The blood of Christ. Voo-doo, hoo-doo, and Santeria all use animal blood to help call on their spirits. Even serial killers have rituals with blood. Okay. I'm done now.

  3. Lovely, Shelly. How I've missed your imput!!!

    REally. I mean that.

  4. Thanks, Richard. I hope to delve into it more.

  5. *shivers* I've been through BBP training so that thought is particularly shiver-worthy!

  6. I'm sure.

    I just had to watch a video and answer questions on a quiz. They're having us "older" drivers go through this so that we know not to touch blood, and other bodily excretions with bare hands and so forth. Now, for lunch . . . hahaha LOL!


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