Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish ~ Dedication to Steve Jobs

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I've heard the news, just as all of you have that Steve Jobs has died. I didn't even know who he was in the 1980's when I bought my first computer--an Apple II. But he's darn famous now for all his inventions--things people can't seem to get through a day--or a minute of a day--without.

My husband and I listened to a speech he made to a graduating class and I'm glad I was able to hear it in its entirety. Everything he said was thought provoking and inspiring.

His final words were "Stay hungry, stay foolish", after telling everyone to never "settle" and find the thing you are in love with (This also goes for the person you fall in love with), and don't settle for less. Go after it and make it yours.

As a writer who is, and has been in love, with writing since my senior year in high school (1972), I had followed this advice before I'd heard it. I guess I had always stepped to my own drummer. When I exclaimed excitedly that I intended to become an author, my English teacher told me to not pursue a writing career because of my terrible spelling and grammar.

I, of course, didn't listen. Instead I went after something that was probably so impossible that it did keep me hungry. And I was foolish. "You can't possibly find a publisher who would want your book! Look at how many books are out there!" That was from my ex-husband. Obviously I had settled, but that was then, this is now. I didn't listen to him either.

It took me a while, but I am now published.

I've always admired people who could find something around that corner that the rest of us couldn't see. Jobs was that person. Trying to think outside the box, doing something crazy--things that make people think you are crazy, and then when they see what you've accomplished they turn around and say "He was a genius." Yeah. That is crazy. That's what makes an icon. That and what he/she has accomplished beyond the wildest dreams.

So, if you are a struggling writer take this advice: Stay hungry, stay foolish, despite what people will think of you, or say. You have a love for writing. Hold it. Let that be your focus. Take it with you throughout the day. Walk the walk, talk the talk. Eat, sleep, and dream of your writing. Because no one else will care enough but you.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.


  1. Very inspirational post with great advice. My character won't allow me to give up, and it's a good trait for a writer.

  2. Very good, Jen. That's what I like to hear!

  3. Wonderful advice from a great man who will not be forgotten, and you delivered it beautifully my dear.

  4. Thank you Heather. I hope so. I want others to know that their dream can be had, just keep on holding it, and it will happen.

  5. Love this post Lorelei! I'm glad that you also stuck to your guns and weren't afraid to go after your dreams.

  6. I also want to add that for the longest time I let the naysayers get the better of me - BUT NOT ANY MORE! You are truly an inspiration.

  7. I hope to always be inspiration to those of you who are just starting out, or have been trying for the longest time and wondering if it will ever happen.

    I also posted this same post on my publisher's blog site and his response was: "Being your publisher, I couldn't agree with you more. Well Written!"


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