Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TEASER TUESDAY ~ The Morning after

Hey everyone! I've had a great few days off, had a chance to enjoy the last of this golden weather, went with my husband to White Pines State Park. Problem was EVERYBODY was out. But we got in a good hike or two. The colors have been fabulous!

Now on to TEASER TUESDAY. This is a post that others do. We take a few lines from a book we are reading, or--in my case--from my next book about to come out, Vampire's Trill. Thus the tease is that much richer, don't you think?

Okay. I'm not going to set this one up. I'm just slapping it down here:

I understand that you didn't know what you were doing last night. Goes with the territory. But we had a good time, okay? That has to count for something, right?”
I didn't say anything. I didn't want to commit one way or another.
I'll take you home, then.” He pulled on a leather jacket. The one with the white skull logo on it. He handed me a smaller black leather jacket with a lot of fringe. Becky's. Very nice. I heard a set of keys jangle in his hand as he led me out the back door—it stood wide open—and he shut it behind us.

Hope you enjoied. Tomorrow I've got something scheduled as a Blog Hop announcment, hope you check in. You might want to if you are a horror/vampire writer. See you then!


  1. Ah a night of regret, she's in deep now! Love this teaser!

  2. Good teaser! Love those decorations, too. You love Halloween! lol

  3. Hey, guys, thanks!

    Yes, Jen, I am a Halloween FREAK/JUNKIE!


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