Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Contest Winner And Another Contest !

As my head is still swimming in all the Halloween left-overs (you know you can grab Halloween candy for 50% off in stores now--gak!) Plus I had a most unusual dream about a vampire, last night . . . okay, okay.

As some of you may have been too busy going to blog hops, and trick-r-treating at your favorite blogs, you might not have noticed I did have a contest. Actually, I had two. One was for the 100th Follower on my Blog--YAY !!! And the other contest was a very time consuming scavanger hunt. Only one person attempted it and survived to tell about it.

You know what? The winner of both contests was the same person. That was JENNIFER SMITH! Jennifer has already been contacted and her autographed book is on it's way. She was very excited about it, I could tell.

Now that I've got a new book coming out soon I'll be going on book tours. However, since it is not available yet, my pretties, this contest is for Vampier Ascending and it is over on Urban Fantasy Investigations, and I wish to thank Stacy Maynard for having me today.

Since I had these announcements to make, Teaser Tuesday will be back next week. Have a great night after Halloween! 

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