Wednesday, November 9, 2011

EKK! SNOW! (Plus other things)

If you live in the Midwest (northern fringe) you know that once November gets here, you're going to see the white stuff pretty darn soon. Well, we saw our first flakes. They were innocuous things, really. It was not cold enough for it to stick, it had been raining since yesterday. The weather people WARNED us that this would happen. And it did. Figures they'd get it right this time!

But, like I said it wasn't more than maybe 30-40 min. of the flakes. Being a bus driver, I have learned to drive in it. I hate to drive in it, but with more than a dozen years of experience driving a 12 and a half ton bus where all the lives seated behind you are counting on you to get them safely to their destination--and I've done so faithfully for that long--I feel that my driving habits are top notch.

So, from that to other news.

I have a winner from the last contest over on Urban Fantasy Investigations blog, and Denise Zaky has won an autographed paperback copy of my book. Congratulations to her and I will be mailing this out soon.

I've actually won a book from VampChix.  This is the book I've won below...

I'll talk about it later when I have read it.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Cold Magic. I'm more than half way done with it. Once I do get through this book--it's 580 pages (not counting all the extras in the back). I love a long book, as long as it is good. And this one is.

I'm looking at my calendar and realize that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away. Dennis and I get 5 days off (w/o pay, but he's picking up a few extra hours to help). That new oven is going to get a good work out that day! Believe me we look forward to not driving a bus for 5 whole days! And then three weeks after that it will be semester break at NIU, and we will be driving break service for two weeks then off two weeks and then back on break service. After that my head spins, so I'm just trying to keep things straight in the next two months.

And I've noticed that it has been very quiet around here. But that's okay. I know that a lot of you are busy with your NaNo, or what have you. I am awaiting my edits. Once these are sent to me I'm going to be busy too.

I'm hopeful I will be having another book signing during my hiatus from bus driving. We shall see.

If you get a chance to stop in say hi. Remember I've begun Coffee Klatch Mondays, and this seems to be a good time for a bunch of you to come in and chat.


  1. I live near Edmonton, Alberta and expected to get piles of snow in time for halloween (it is tradition for mother nature to trick into thinking it'll be a nice night of trick-or-treating and then dump the cold and snow all at once) To my surprise it's still snowless here and nice enough to play outside, if it wasn't for that darned wind.

  2. Emily, that simply tells me that WE will have the snow, and you get coal--er...wait that's not quite right is it??? (^;


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