Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm Visiting Fangtastic Books Today!

Me at my very last book signing at BORDERS in DeKalb.
Hi to all of my adoring fans... Well, maybe that was a bit much. But you who are out there lurking, and stalking me... you know who you are!... I'm at Fangtastic Books, today, my host Roxanne was kind enough to put up another CONTEST to win a copy (ebook or a paperback copy). If you have yet to enter a contest, this is on-going as we speak! So head on over THERE NOW!

I'm working on a new novella, this is going to be in the horror fiction genre. I actually have taken scenes from Vampire Ascending which I've cut from it. I realized these scenes made the book too long and I also realized I had another entire book--or a short book, at least--I wanted to re-write it. This will not be a Sabrina Strong book, but a totally different one. I'm still playing with the title, too. It has a werewolf in it and an Indian legend called a Windigo (and I'm not sure about the spelling right now). My bloggy bud, Shelly Arkon, was nice enough to be the guinea pig my beta reader for this new novel. She's a big-hearted woman, and one of my adoring fans. Give her a round of applause. *cheers, clapping, etc.*

My back is a bit better today. My husband is doing some housework for me. Give him a round of applause *YAY! Cheers! Clapping*.

And I'm trying to find some notes from when I was writing this section of the book a few years ago. I'm unable to locate it )^; Must be in a bin somewhere...

Well, you all have a good weekend! And if you don't have any luck with this contest, I have another coming up on Monday. Swing back here and I'll let you know where!

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