Thursday, December 15, 2011

In A Hurry? Think Twice when you drive

Last night was rainy, and when it became dark, it was down right crazy and somewhat surreal.

As some of you may know, I drive a transit bus for NIU, in DeKalb. I don't usually take a second shift (from 1pm-7pm), but because of the fact we need to take the same shift and another driver has seniority, we had to take this later shift--and so the last 2 or so hours we are driving in the dark.

I love what they've done with one street, the white lights wound around the trees makes me think of "It's A Wonderful Life". But last night it felt surreal in the rain. We should be getting snow, here in northern Illinois. I'm not sure which would have been worse.

I suppose snow, since there were so many people in such a hurry. I know of 2 accidents within the last two hours of my shift. It took every fiber of my concentration to make sure I arrived safely at every stop. This is my livelihood. It's how I make money.

Unfortunately, as I do not enjoy it. I get no real breaks. Imagine not having more than 5 minutes to use a bathroom or eat something. Sometimes I can manage to get back to the student center and have 10 minutes, but that's rare. I drive a route that is one hour--but I can do it in about 50 min., if weather is good, and there is no delays (like accidents, etc.).

I also do not like bad, inconsiderate drivers. I hate drivers who are in such a hurry they will put their own lives, as well as other people's lives at risk. I'm also appalled at how many people drive while on the cell phone--or worse, texting, which is illegal. I hope that using all such devices will be banned while driving. It has no place while you are driving.

I see a few drivers coming out of parking lots and do not have their headlights on. PLEASE~! Make sure you have your lights on when you leave a parking area. You are really risking your life when you do not.

So, if I were to give you all who stop by a bit of advice it is this: Please take responsibility when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Too many people's lives, holiday plans, family ( and others), are put at risk when you take your mind and eyes off what is happening around you. Drive defensively.

I can happily say I have had only one slide-off-the-road (just my own car), accident when the roads were sheer ice in my own car, but that could happen to anyone. I have never had any accident with a bus.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday, everyone!


  1. I always do my best to never be in a hurry when I'm driving. Wherever I'm going will be there when I get there. And if I want to be earlier, then I do my best to leave earlier. I was a reserve Police Officer for a few years and I saw enough accidents to convince me that reaching one's destination in one piece is more important than reaching it on time.

  2. That attitude is a good one to have, Heather! And I'll bet you did see accidents!

    Arriving safe is our motto at Huskie Line.

  3. Oh now, here’s something I could discuss forever. I’ve driven buses, trucks, motorbikes and cars (plus four Advanced Driving certificates (tested by police drivers)), and over the years I’ve seen so much selfishness and incompetence on the road.

    We already have a law over here forbidding drivers using mobile phones, but no one seems to take any notice of it.

    I could go on, but have to stop myself before I fill this page up.

    You have a safe and wonderful Christmas too, Lorelei.

  4. People using cell phones while driving is a real pet peeve with me. In Australia, it is illegal to text or talk on a cell phone while driving... people still do it of course, and it makes me furious!

    You have a safe and wonderful holiday as well!

  5. Thank you ladies for chiming in. Funny how people ignore laws... and stop lights and stop signs... etc.


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