Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teaser Tuesday ~ From Chapter 12: The Mystic Ring

The origin of the Mystic Ring is debatable, but it now is on Sabrina's finger. This is a discussion between herself and Bill Gannon about it and a gloomy forecast of things to come.

“Get out of my way!” I growled and moved through the ruined room. He caught me by the shoulder. My eyes flicked down at his strong hand, and then upward, meeting a gaze that threatened to melt me, should I allow it. His fingers released me as I jerked out of his grasp. We faced one another in Mrs. Bench's living room.
“Sabrina, this is far from over. Be prepared for war,” Bill warned. “There are many supernaturals who now know who you are and where you live. The portal opening has announced it in the strongest way.”
“I never asked for this! Why would they care?” I felt the tears rush to my eyes again. I couldn't hold them back as I looked up at him. Maybe that dark-winged angel had been there, after all.
“You wear the mystic ring of King Solomon.” He gestured with his eyes toward my hand.
“What?” Too rattled to catch on, I didn't understand what he meant.
“The ring,” he explained, his tone still moderate, his expression unreadable. “It is thousands of years old, and has many powers.”
I looked down at my right hand and found that my glove was missing — I didn't remember it coming off, and couldn't see where it had gone. I gazed at the wide band of dull silver on my middle finger, but knew it wasn't silver, or it would have burned me. It was extremely dense. In the butter-soft lighting of the room, I could see there was strange-looking writing around the band — nothing I'd ever seen before, and clearly, nothing I could decipher.
“The mystic ring was once owned by King Solomon, the magician,” Bill explained. “He used it to help him rule demons. He collected a variety of magical things in his lifetime, but it wasn't his to keep. It is very ancient.”
I stood staring at him with my mouth open trying to comprehend this. It was like he was trying to explain physics to me, and so, naturally, it went over my head.
“It was hidden on a higher plane until the next sibyl was born. You.” He pointed at me. “They had to wait until you were born, and then find you through the cosmos.”
“I don't understand. You're saying that, supposedly, I was around during Solomon's time?”
“No. You are born in this lifetime. You are the only known sibyl in the world, now. Until only recently, your birth was a secret from us all. How fortunate that my grandmother happens to live across from you.”
I slitted my eyes at him, “Yeah, real fortunate.”


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