Friday, December 9, 2011

This Week's Up-dates & Appearances for Vampire's Trill

Since my book's release I've had many people stop by interested in helping me spread the word about Vampirei's Trill. My second book in the Sabrina Strong Series and I have been on 4 blogs this week. The first two were VampChix, and Suburban Vampire--Monday and Tuesday respectively.

My friend, Shelly Arkon, helped to celebrate it's birth week by posting about it on her blog The Life of a Novice Writer--you can catch that HERE.

And Meradeth Snow has generously offered to run an interview with me on her blog Write Stuff, and you can read this post HERE.

And now for some other news. My short story, "The Spy Who Bit Me" was picked up by Dark Moon Press and it is about to go to press this coming week. I've just sent back my approval of the PDF file they sent me. This will be up on Amazon in time for Christmas, and whenever I get the link I will share it, you better believe it! It has other short stories from awesome authors I'm getting to know on other facebook groups I belong to.
Here is the cover. Sort of awesome, I know.
My story is told from a male vampire's p.o.v. and is in present tense--a very hard thing to do, and it was a little challenging. This was actually an older manuscript that I tried to sell everywhere about 10 years ago and got nowhere with it. Of course I improved upon the original, and added a little more horrific moments--but not too many. It's mainly rather humorous about a vampire who encounters a lady spy and he follows her through a cemetery, a park and then saves her from being shot, and then from being arrested by the FBI because she was--well--a spy, and then... Well I don't want to give too much away, do I?

This coming week, beginning Sunday, I will have a different schedule at work, so I may not be posting quite as often, or around as much. However, I will be on Roxanne's Fangtastic Books Blog next week (Dec. 17th). See you out there! And if you've not dropped by my Facebook Fan Page and would like to, here is that link: Fans of Vampire Ascending/Sabrina Strong Series

Thanks for stopping by!

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