Friday, January 27, 2012

Sabrina Strong's Character to be played by...

Danica Patrick in poster

You know how it is... you've written a book and you're so into the characters and you think "God, this could make a great movie!" So then you begin wondering who would play your main characters. It's normal for authors of fiction to do this. I'm certain I'm not the only one out there who does this.
So, yeah. I've thought about it. Some. Tried to find someone to play my 7 foot Viking vampire. Haven't found him yet.
My husband has come up with someone to play Sabrina Strong, the clairvoyant and main character.
Yep. She's a local girl. From Rosco, Illinois. Danica Patric race car driver. She's been doing adds for "Go" and my husband has chosen her as the lady to play Sabrina Strong. I definitely trust my husband's instincts on this one. She'd be a box office draw. People would come to this movie if she was in it.

Well, look at her. I mean really. She's beautiful! She's a real woman, and she's down to earth like Sabrina. She could act in the off season of her NASCAR, or whatever she plans to do.

Well, after 4-5 glasses of white zin and my famous fried chicken, I couldn't help myself and you'll excuse me now as I weave through some lines of the next book--whichever it was...


  1. I cast films for my books all the time! Good choice for Sabrina.

  2. For the most part, I've chosen actors for the characters in my novel as well.

  3. First..Wow! You have a lovely blog and interesting too. I like vampire books and movies but a blog too..this just made my blog hopping more fun!Its my first time here and I am a new follower.:)

    Stopping by from Her World:

  4. ~It's fun to do that, isn't it, Christine?

    ~Shelly, I'm just going to have to try and find actors for Dante, Tremayne, and Nicolas...

    ~And welcome Murugi! I'm happy you left me a comment so that I know who you are. I will have to stop by and visit you too!


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