Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ "I'm not a sanguine"

Hello, my pretties. This is Teaser Tuesday. As some of you know the idea is to take your present read and open to a random page. I, however, have been giving you teases from my own books for you to enjoy and become excited about. I've given you several from my first and then second book. Well I thought today I'd give you something from the third book, as I've been working on that and I'm sure at some point this year it will be out. So... I hope you can wait for it.

This is from "Beyond the Black Veil" chapter one:

Eyes open, I tried to simply see my hand in front of my face—it was that dark. My fear was jacked up because I thought I'd been pulled into Dark World, where vampires and demons ruled. If so I was in a big load of trouble, because I'd been told that there was a bounty on my head because of what I had done over a week ago, while there. The Council must have been really pissed at me if they'd put a bounty on my head. But I couldn't blame them because I did hack off the twin tails of a demon-vampire, and killed a pet demon. But I had no choice—it attacked Tremayne, Rick and I. Besides, it was damn ugly.
My eyes adjusted to the diminished light as varying degrees of shadow against lighter areas began to emerge. I knew for certain I was inside some domicile, and not outside. I tried to use my clairvoyant abilities to tell me where exactly I was, but I had trouble working through the power that surrounded me. The source of light, whether it was moonlight, or candlelight, took me a handful of seconds to ascertain. I decided it was moonlight, since its source didn't waver or undulate like that of a flame, and seemed to pour in from a window.
I was very certain that someone was there with me in this dark place. A male presence. I just hoped he was human. I reached out and was able to feel his emotions. Oops. He was very human if he was that excited.
Who's there?” I asked into the darkness and heard my voice echo slightly. The room was nearly devoid of furnishings, as far as I could tell, but with my clairvoyant abilities I knew the room was some sort of bedroom, because there was definitely a bed in here. My abilities also affirmed that I was no longer on Earth, but in another realm. It had another feel to it, a texture that only my senses could ascertain. Where I was precisely, was still unclear, except I knew I wasn't on earth. It simply had some other texture and scent to it that seemed different.
Show yourself.” My demand was edgy, overly filled with the sound of distress. I hated my insecurities. I simply couldn't get the bitchy, ass-kicking thing down. My voice gave me away every time. I caught myself twisting the ends of my gloves—another give away that I was nervous or fearful.
I detected the slightest rustling of material with my sensitive werewolf hearing. Possibly twenty feet away. Where the moonlight angled in through the only window in the next room I could see a figure. I realized I stood in a separate room—a small space, no larger than a closet—my back against the wall. In fact it might have been a closet for all I knew. I rocked away from wall. The shadow sat in the darkest shadows, at the other end of the next room. I felt no threat from him. Not yet.
The seated figure shifted forward, and the moonlight revealed him gradually as he did. Pale hands draped over the back of the dark stained wood of the chair, then a face emerged from the darkness as he leaned further into the pale moonlight. He was handsome to good-looking, but nothing remarkable. Raven black hair, with a swath of blond—no, white—cut a stripe down one side of that coal black hair. I couldn't tell how old he was precisely. Possibly well into his twenties.
Don't be frightened,” he said in a moderate, to somewhat tenor voice. “I'm not a sanguine.”


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