Friday, February 3, 2012

Lorelei Unplugged - When Fish Costs More than Steak & Killing People over a Game?

Well, kids, just got back from getting my hair cut. We go to Hair Cuttery, because my husband is very fussy about how his hair is cut. So, we've been going there for a while. It was $15. I got my hair washed. When she asked if I wanted it blow-dried (it was 30 out), I said yes. I think she told me it was $22. So, $7 for someone to blow my hair dry... well. I said no. I only had enough for the cut. I had a nice hair cut, and she put some nice stay-in conditioner (told me how much, if I wanted to buy it, of course--which I declined again).

I paid her and put my coat on, hood over my wet head and walked quickly next door to the grocery store where my husband was shopping.

I ducked into the ladies room and did my business and there is this nice warm blowing air coming out of a vent and I dried my hair that way--had to bend over, but that just made my hair fluffy--right?

I find my husband in the produce section. I didn't tell him about the blow drying thing (not until later).

We ventured to the meat department. My husband makes up the list, and knows what we will eat the next few nights. He owns this part of our life. I have nothing to do unless I have to cook it.

We go to the fish department. Catfish we find out cost more per pound than the two steaks we later purchased! Farm raised! When did catfish become a delicacy? We spent $100 total for groceries for the next 3 days. It's only the two of us. If we had kids we'd be on government aide! Like the woman in front of us who bought baby food, and the cashier was having to do something weird with a couple of pieces of paper the woman gave her, and she told us it was red tape they had to do.

Yesterday we went to a different store because it was closer and we could save on a few (only a few) items. This store has its draw backs. They had a lot of lunch meat sliced up--I mean it was mounds of it and it was at least a dozen different ones, maybe twice that much. Dennis tried some of the low sodium turkey. It was too dry. The guy tried to say that low sodium tends to be dry. We beg to differ. We think it was because this stuff had been sitting around too long. It wasn't fresh. We bought a different one. We had a pizza made up to take and bake it later. We spent $40 there.  Fortunately we save with a gas card from our other grocery store--even got a free car wash in the deal.

We know we aren't the only ones struggling. I just don't know how people actually get by. Prices keep on going up, but how do they expect people to pay for things if they keep this up? I think someone needs to kick some ass somewhere.

Oh, and speaking of that... In the news yesterday several people were killed over a SOCCER GAME! In Egypt, I guess. I mean what the hell? I'd like to raise hell for the price of food and our heating costs and someone gets up set over a frigging soccer game. PLEEEZ! Those people need a reality check!


  1. Hey Lorelei:

    Fifteen bucks is pretty standard for a haircut. Where I work, you get a shampoo, cut and a light finger dry. But if you want it blown out with a brush you can add twelve bucks more to your ticket. I wonder if next time thay couldn't just sit you under the dryer for a few.

    As for Egypt, well, those peeps have some serious personality disorder.

    Food prices....I say get rid of the White House.

  2. For a good hair cut, I'll go with $15. Dennis couldn't find anyone who listened to him before he discovered this place, next to where we shop for groceries.

    Yeah, I don't know why they couldn't have popped me under that head dryer, but oh well.

    Thanks for the input, dawwwling!


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