Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sabrina on her relationship with vampire, Bjorn Tremayne

When did my life go so... weirdly?
When I met Bjorn Tremayne, that's when!
Matthias Huse, actor
Well, it went all to hell before that, really, when I answered that ad for a clairvoyant. Stupid me. I should have known better to answer an ad that came from vampires. What was I thinking?

Well, I was thinking, okay, sure. My mom was turned back when I was a kid. I knew that around that time a vampire had come to me and bit me. I had either repressed these memories, or the vampire himself--who turned out to be Vasyl--had made me not remember some of this stuff.

But, yes. I went to meet Nicolas Paduraru at a local bar, for the interview. What happens? Almost as soon as I get there, a damned werewolf bites me. Of course, Nicolas comes out of the bar with Steve Pumphry *another vampire*, and chases the wolf off, and then tells me he has to suck the venom out. Well, I fall for this, of course. What was I supposed to do? I thought I was going to die!

And after surviving all that, it all just followed that I was hired to find out who was killing vampires in his ultra-modern vampire/human hotel aptly named Tremayne Towers in down-town Chicago. Hey, I needed the money. I keep trying to remind myself that.

Then I met Bjorn Tremayne, vampire magnate, second only to his brother, Erik. They were both Vikings in their former human lives a little over 1,000 years ago. Now they're big business men who run the North American Vampire Association--a vampire camarilla. Uh, no, humans don't know that they're vampires, just as a side note.

I knew, right when I saw the video of Tremayne--those aqua eyes, his huge frame, blond hair *sigh*--I was in trouble and I was right. I mean can anyone blame me?

You see, we have this strange relationship. Well, strange only because it's between a human (me) and a vampire (him). I mean what could I expect? He couldn't possibly fall in love with me. His desires for blood and sex were all very well conveyed and explained in one of our little "meetings" when he showed me precisely what he enjoyed, and later on began to demonstrate... on me.

The first book in
Sabrina Strong

Vampire's Trill, second
book in the Sabrina
Strong Series

When it comes right down to it, after the many times since that first time with him, and up till now, I'm still unsure if we are in love, or just in a strange dysfunctional co-dependant relationship where ... well, it's like this strange life and death dance/struggle. I can't survive as a sibyl without him, and he can't survive now because of the way things have gone so wacky. Every time I look, someone somewhere has done something to just whack it further out of place so that it now seems that it will never go back to the way things once were.

But, I guess that's life.


  1. Thank you, William!

    Yep, Shelly, That's life!

  2. That is life indeed. I love this take on her life from Sabrina! Her voice makes me want to read more. :)


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