Monday, February 20, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - The Dreadful

Hey, everyone! I just thought I would give you a very breif tease from my third book. This is when Sabrina frist sees what is called a "Dreadful". She doesn't know what it is in this scene.

He leaned again against the fireplace, but then he straightened and, as if he became aware of some other presence, I saw his eyes flash to the other end of the room. I hadn't noticed before that someone in a full-hooded cloak stood there, it was as though he'd always been there and because he was all in black, he simply blended in with the shadows. He made no noise. I could see no face within the deep cowl, and his hands were hidden inside the roomy opposite sleeve. He stood absolutely still. He looked like someone in a Halloween costume assuming the persona of Death. I really hoped this was not an omen. My Knowing told me this being wasn't human, but something more. Supernatural, but what, I wasn't sure. I couldn't get a read from it. Not at all, and I couldn't feel an aura. It was as though the thing didn't exist. Even a ghost would give off something that I could read. And yet I felt a dreadful oppressive feeling emanate from it, and I shouldn't have gotten that at all.


  1. ~Shelly, not exactly shadows, but not exactly solid... I sort of thought about the Dementors in H.P. but had to make them different, you know?

    ~Thanks Alexadria!

  2. That gave me chills, loved it! I can hardly wait to read more.


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