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Beyond the Black Veil ~WIP & The Historical Dracula

Pince Drakulya-a.k.a. Vlad The Impaler
In case you didn't know by now, I'm working on the third book. I had decided--at some point--to somehow incorporate the historical Dracula into it. I didn't want to do some cheep rip-off, or cheeky paranormal romance with him as the romantic hero. I wanted to make him as close to his historical self as I could. I also needed a world in which he resides and rules--and is a vampire. In other words, I didn't want him showing up at Sabrina's doorstep. In this story Dracula plays a major character, and has a role throughout, to the end.

In Beyond the Black Veil, Sabrina slips into a portal while trying to locate her missing cousin, and suddenly finds herself in a Parallel World. In this world they're stuck in the late Victorian age. In this world the vampires out number humans ten to one.

 The Historical Dracula:

I've had a long on-going interest in the historical Dracula, as well as the fictional one. The historical Dracula lived during dangerous times (15th century Transylvania), and is far more complicated, and murderous than the fictional one by Bram Stoker. In 1444, Dracula's father, Dracul, had the misfortune of being be lured by the sultan across the Danube River (located south of Transylvania, beyond which lies the Ottoman Empire). He took his two sons along, and was caught and brought before Sultan Murad. In order to save his throne and his own neck, he left his sons, Dracula and Radu, to be taken as hostages. The two boys were imprisoned in Egrigoz in Asia Minor--under "house arrest". During this time is when Dracula was introduced to Turkish torture, was taught the Turkish language, and also became acquainted with the pleasures of the harem. During this time he also developed "a reputation for trickery, cunning insubordination, and brutality, and inspired fright in his own guards, in contrast to his brother's sheepish subserviency." ~In Search of Dracula - 1972

Dracula lived into his mid-forties, was able to sit on the throne twice as a prince, married twice (and many lovers), and was cut down in his last battle against the Turks--his sworn enemies. His head was severed in that battle, separated from his body and taken to Constantinople where it was displayed on a spike. His body meanwhile was taken to one of his monasteries. No one is for certain that the headless body found at this site is really Dracula's.
Monastery at Snagov where
Dracula's body was put to rest
Well, maybe it is or maybe it isn't. My writer's mind had to turn this over in my head and came up with a solution as to how Dracula's head was married back to his body, and became a vampire. Sorry, but you'll have to just wait and read the book when it comes out in order to see how he did this.

~ partial~

Beyond the Dark Veil ~ a world where vampires out number humans ten to one, and humans are merely blood donors and objects of their sexual desire.

While trying to solve the mystery of where Lindee could be in this world, Sabrina encounters Drakulya--the real-life Dractula--a.k.a. The Impaler--who has some how managed to become a vampire living in this strange world, and rules as King. He is mystified by Sabrina's various abilities (such as being able to disappear at will from her imprisonment)--as he's decided she will become his "blood dame". Meanwhile, his son, Jett, simply wants her, despite the fact he is to marry a vassal's daughter, Penelope.


  1. Hi, Lorelei. You're just a busy bee, aren't you? It's a good kind of busy, right? You sound as if life is treating you well of late. I hope so.
    I read "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. It dealt with much of what you are researching now. It sounds like it anyway. It was a good read.
    Anyway, good luck with that WIP and have a great week.


  2. Hey, Jimmy--that was a great book by Kostova. I really enjoyed it too!

    Yeah, I'm working on my own version of a book with the real Dracula in it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I read the Historian as well. And I'm quite familiar with the real Dracula story... quite a man, and quite a brutal one at that. I recently checked out a book of photography on vampires in history, folklore, and literature, and Vlad gets quite a bit of time there, both the real one and the literary character.

  4. As well he should, William! Thanks for stopping by on your busy day!

  5. Yeah. I like old Dracula (^;

  6. Hi Lorelei-
    The nook book sounds like it is going to be interesting. Love the idea of the historic Dracula.
    Vlad the Impaler was a nasty, nasty guy--this should be a fun book.
    Hi Jimmy and William! Great to see you here.
    I read the Historian too. :)

  7. Did not mean to write nook book--just regular book will do here just fine. :)

  8. Hey, Penelope! This is the book where I've used Penelope for a character's name...

    Glad you stopped by!


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