Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well, I'm in the home stretch with book #3, the editing at my end.Yay!

Also, I have settled on a title. But I think I'll wait to reveal it for another time.

Meanwhile, I've decided I do want to go and see the new Johnny Depp movie "Dark Shadows". I'd like to see how the other cast members did their characters.

And I'm running a poll here again, this week, do stop over to my left sidebar and let me know if you are or are not going to go to the new Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp. I'd really like to see more people vote on this one. Doesn't matter your reasons. Mine is: Yes. I am Johnny Depp fan. I would like to see how/what they did with this movie, and how other actors played all the parts. It's really hard to determine the whole film from bits and pieces.

So, what are you up to today or this week? Anything new, anything going on in your lives you want to tell me about? You know I keep my eyes open for what you all are doing, and try to stop by at some point in the week.

See you out there in Blogger Land!


  1. Since I'm a cheap ass, I'll wait for it to come on DVD.

  2. Hey, Miss L. It was a good weekend. Thanks for asking. My wife is a teacher who assistant coaches Track, so she was gone all day Saturday. My 14 year old spent the night at a friend's (Friday) and stayed until late yesterday, and my senior in high school was in Reno, NV. for a school trip for the big Jazz Festival; so I was home alone and got tons of writing in. I did about 3000 words. If only I could write more often! I did laundry while I wrote and finished the day by grilling dinner. All in all, it was a good day. Today, I played basketball with the 14 year old after church, got caught up with my networking and just took my time about it. Usually I'm frantic and rushing around, trying to do way too much.
    It was very good.


  3. Well, Shelly, I thought about doing that too. Still have to consider when I'd make time to go and see the movie.

    Jimmy! Wonderful! I'm so glad you got some alone time! And you did laundry? You sound like my husband who multi-tasks!


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