Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TEASER TUESDAY ~ Mrs. Bench, the witch

Hey, and hi to all my fans out there! Since I've been bringing you sections of my books, I realzied I've been posting the men in the books. I think it's time to give equal time to the female characters of the books. Today I'm giving you a short segment involving Mrs. Bench, Sabrina's neighbor who happens to be a witch and damned good medium.


Bill led me into the same cozy room where Dante and I had gathered that first night. The power or magic I had been feeling intensified here dramatically. It was like a thin wall, but a wall nonetheless. My skin crawled, the hairs on my arms rose. Objects in the room were actually floating and slowly swirling around the room, not furnishings, or anything heavy, but pictures, magazines, glass or porcelain pieces, small things like that. It was as though I'd stepped into a place where gravity, as I knew it, was struggling to maintain its hold.
Over at the couch, Mrs. Bench, who was dressed in powder blue sweats, was floating too. She was in a seated position, hovering maybe six inches off the couch. Her snowy white hair was moving around as if someone had both a fan and a vacuum trained on her headher hair went out at all angles, all floaty. She had her eyes closed and her hands outstretched over her crystal ball it too was floating about a foot off the table. Other than all this hocus-pocus, she looked fine.


  1. I love how this excerpt ends, it cracked me up! Well done.

  2. Oh, Heather! So glad to make you smile. And yes, this scene just came to me and I wrote it as I saw it. The woman is a culmination of several older women whom I have known/loved in my days.

  3. Now this is in Vampire's Trill, right? It reads familiar.

  4. yes, my dear. I forgot to put up the page #...it is page #148, chapter 12
    Sorry about that. I'm trying not to give too much away.


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