Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Teaser ~ Jeanie Woodbine

This week's tribute to the women of my book is Jeanie Woodbine, Sabrina's best friend-turned vampire (in the first book). This is a selection from when they go shopping together.

We agreed to meet at Macy's, so as I walked into the store and surveyed the clothing areas, I hoped that Heath and Jeanie were already here. Within a few steps of the front door, I spied Heath right away checking out a mannequin dressed in a stunning, flamingo-pink halter-top and jeans. If he stood still he might be mistaken for a mannequin himself, dressed down in jeans and a black shirt that read, 'I love humans ... they're yummy!' in gold with a vampire happy-face with red fangs below it. A good thing he had a worn a brown corduroy jacket over it, someone might get the wrong idea. As I strode in, I watched as a woman pulled up a few feet from him and took secret glances at him. I hoped Jeanie hadn't seen it. She wasn't a jealous woman as a human, but I didn't know what she was like as a vampire.
I nearly chuckled with the knowledge that most humans couldn't resist a vampire, whether or not he was trying to enthrall them.
How's this one?” Jeanie's voice brought my attention around to see the devastating blond in a beautiful red dress, displaying it for Heath to see. Against her paper-white skin, with her dark red lipstick, and the red, open-toed, hurt-me heels showing off her crimson-painted toenails - the contrast was startling. If I'd been a guy, I think I would have drooled.
Nice.” Gaze flicking up at me he turned and thrust a hand toward me. “Here's the blushing bride now.”
Jeanie twirled to face me, that huge smile of hers more brilliant than ever. She padded toward me. “Look! I've found the perfect dress to wear at your wedding!” She twirled for me.
I was a little shocked with the words. Wedding. Bride. Panic. Now.
Me. Right?” Jeanie grasped the dress in her fingers and stuck one red-heel-clad foot out. “The shoes are on sale, and they match!”
Nice,” I said, easing within a few feet of the both of them. If Jeanie were human, I would have hugged her. Her being a vampire meant the touchy-feely thing had to remain as part of our history.

And tomorrow I will be doing a dedication to Jonathan Frid, who died last week, on my shared blog with Carole Gill. I will throw the link up in here and share it all over for anyone who are Dark Shadow fans.


  1. Trying to get in some blog reading while Aven is asleep. I almost forgot how much time and energy it takes to care for a baby and it makes wonder how I actually handled five.

    Good post! That was a good chapter. All of it's good.

  2. Thanks, Shelly. HOpefully things will settle down for you. Maybe hiring a governess? Just a thought.

  3. I so want to go shopping with these two! And I totally understand Sabrina's freak out. I remember those days, well the wedding phobia, not the paranormal! LOL!

  4. Oh, I know, Heather. Both the freak-out and shopping thing. Can you imagine walking around in a shopping mall with two vampires? Me either.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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