Monday, May 14, 2012

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ Self Publishing

Hello, and good morning to all!

Today I would normally be at work but I've taken the day off. I'm busy getting the sheets washed while doing this, so I'm getting two things done at once!

Today I want to send you over to Rach Writes because she has been doing a series on self-publishing that I could never have time to do here, nor can I think of anyone around who has brought in so many helpful people to answer questions about self-publishing. Today she has as guest post Rachel Morgan. You will want to stop by because not only do you get pros and cons on using Amazon as apposed to Smashwords, but there is also a giveaway (ecopy) of Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1). But if any of you are thinking of getting your book, or even short stories up and out there on Amazon/smashwords, you'll want to go to Rach Writes.

Rach has hosted the Writers' Platform-building Campaign--which I participated in last year, and it was fun, but very time consuming. She now is participating in something called Random Act Of Kindness BLITZ. I may have to go and see what this is all about. I think it sounds great! And I'll have to stop in and see what this is all about. If you go to Bookshelf Muse you can find out how to get a free gift, and join in the Blitz. I think it sounds wonderful!

It's all there, and I really hope you'll stop in and take advantage of this months' posts on self-publishing.

I need to read up on this stuff as well. I have this delivered to my email box whenever there's a new post. So, there you go, my random act of kindness has begun here! Take care all!

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