Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch by Lara Parker

Hello, my pretties. Well, since I cannot put up a picture of this book cover [or any picture] on my blog, I hope you will forgive me. However. I picked up this wonderful book Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch by Lara Parker. In case you are not familiar with the original Dark Shadows, or you've forgotten, Lara Parker played Angelique, the nasty witch, in that original show. She is now a writer. She has written two wonderful Dark Shadows books, with a third pending. I found this one at my local grocery store, and had to grab it, fearing I'd not find it again.

Laura's writing captures Barnabas, as well as all the characters of Dark Shadows with the precision of a surgeon with a laser. Her prose are to be not only admired, but envied. She's done a splendid job and I've chosen one paragraph on page 78 to share with you today on Teaser Tuesday.

Set-Up: We are with Barnabas, who has become mortal again thanks to Dr. Julia's "cure".

~ It had been many months since his cure, and still the light of day was for him a miracle to behold, the sun a golden orb, buttermilk skies with clouds as soft as clotted cream. The first sight of spring had tormented him with its beauty: flowering trees, new grass, and the silken air fractured into rainbows. He would often sit and stare at nothing else, only the air, and the prisms of light dancing within it. But during the height of summer, the unbearable heat of his cure drove him back into the coolness of his dark bedroom with curtains drawn, beneath the canopy of his bed, as though he were once more within the tomb. Now autumn had arrived with all its splendors, and its heartbreaking hues.~

Her second book: Angelique's Descent is also available, and there will be a third one, unless it too is already out. This first one was published originally in 2006.


  1. This sounds good! How come I've never heard of her?! Thanks for introducing us.


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