Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27 ~ My Birthday (and why I hate it)

I've always hated the day of my birthday. AUGUST 27th.

Well, think about it. This is when school starts back up. Why would I like going back to school when it was my birthday? I hated the fact that I was usually surrounded by an institution, with teachers yammering on about something I wasn't sure if I cared to hear. And then be embarrassed later because I didn't know the answers. Well, they didn't know what ADD was back then. Nor was my dyslexia picked up at all. School was no fun.

I suppose you think it's different now. Right? I'm no longer going to school.

No. Not really. I now am driving a bus. Even though it is a transit bus, I drive college students around... on my birthday more times than not. Like today. Monday. Ugh!

Well, there are good things about this time of year. There are pens and paper things on sale! I do love to look at and buy when I have some extra cash.

But really, if I could move my birthday a few months away, like--oh, I don't know--say October 31st. That would be more ideal. My birthday would be celebrated by ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves--um, you know, people and children in costume. And all that candy! Oh! That would be my night for sure. And I could dress up too--I loved doing that when I lived in town. No one comes out here in the sticks. Oh well.

Two things I bought for myself were two books: Charlaine Harris' "Dead Reckoning"--which I am reading right now. And Kim Harrison's "Pale Demon". I actually found a hard bound of Pale Demon on sale reduced below the price of the paper back. Hot dog!

Anyone dislike when their birthday falls on? Just wondering. I can't be the only person!


  1. Happy birthday! Hopefully those college kids don't give you too much trouble today.

    My birthday is mid-October, which sounds nice at first, but it was always during mid terms (sometimes the day of) or other big functions. Not the worst day of the year for a birthday but also not the best.

  2. Happy Birthday, Lorelei! I like having an August birthday, but then again, our school year starts in February in Australia. If I had to pick another date, I'd pick October 31st too! Halloween would be such a cool birth date! :)

  3. Happy birthday, L! And never be sad about joining the world, we're really glad you're here, regardless of when your birthday falls. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! I had a friend who had her birthday around this time. As young college students we usually would have an end of summer party of some kind! I can imagine though as a child it being kind of bittersweet.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes to you all!

    I'm home now so I'm good. Had lunch out, and have an icecream treat for later!

  6. Happy Birthday, Lorelei.

    Mine is the first of February... I'm lucky not to have it the next day, like one of my cousins does. Somehow Groundhog Day isn't a very good birthday day....

  7. That's funny because mine is the day when we usually got back from the Christmas holidays and no one would know it's my birthday. NO ONE. PLUS my family had spent their money on Christmas so it wasn't that fun. As an adult I think it's real special because it's the seventh day of the year. It also is Greek Orthodox Christmas and I share my day with St. Bernadette. Whatever--I used to hate it but now I love it. Happiest of birthday wishes to you Lorelei!

  8. That's terrible, Eve! And thank you for stopping in and wishing me a happy birthday.


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