Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's Better than pictures of Kittens?

FINALLY! After waiting 3 weeks for an errant disk, and set of prints, I've got my pictures back from Wally World--we swear never to take our film to this place again. The first set of prints were fine, but I got someone else's disk! And it took me 3 hours to get someone on the phone over there to talk to them about it!
This is a picture of all 5 cats. What a cute bunch! I know you can't tell by the picture but all of them are here.

Since it will take me a while to get another post up from the journal from our trip to Glacier, and enter the pictures, I've got these pictures of the kittens.

This is "Half Pint" who likes to lick my toes, probably thinking it might give him some milk if he could find the right spot! His little teeth were sharp, but not big enough to cause much pain. It was more ticklish than anything to endure the licking of his little tongue. Out of all the kittens he (or she?) is the only one which meows and allows us to approach it.

Here they are venturing out into the sun. At the time of these pictures I think they were about 7 weeks old.

This is a picture of Captain Jack, to the right. You can see he is very differently colored, and has long hair. Plus he is the bolder of the lot (thus the name from one of my favorite movies that stars Johnny Depp). See how the others huddle next to the old bathtub that's tipped up-side-down? That's where they lived, inside this indestructable object that happened to have a hole they could climb in and out of any time they needed to escape.

Well, that's about all of the kitten pictures I have for now. It took too much time and $ getting them developed, so I hope you enjoy them.


  1. I agree. So does my husband, who never had kittens--only dogs--while growing up.

    Too darn cute!

  2. They are adorable!!! So glad you finally got your pictures. :)

  3. What could possibly be better than kittens? Thanks for sharing, Lorelei. I hope you are enjoying a nice long weekend and not working. *waves*


  4. Thank you Heather.

    Hi, Jimmy. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, but it is time and a half. With husband working, that's double so it will be worth it.

  5. And they are a rambunctious group!

  6. Awww, they are SO sweet. I love kittens (like you said, who doesn't?). So glad you finally got your pics!

  7. Your kitten pics are adorable! My daughter just got a kitten...and he is too cute! My boys love playing with him. Unfortunately, I am severely (and I mean trip to the hospital severely) allergic to cats. Sigh. I must watch from afar. lol.

    So glad you stopped by my Researching For Romance post and weighed in! Thanks.

  8. Thanks, Nadja. Kittens are fun to watch.

    So sad for your alergies!

    Take care (^;


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