Saturday, March 9, 2013


Vampire Nocturne, A Novel by Lorelei Bell
Did you hear that? I think it's a waltz. Too tame for you? What if I told you that more than half the people in attendance were vampires? And, one is the most famous of all vampires? Dracula. Or, in the traditional spelling Drakulya.

Not only that, you may have to choose who to dance with!

First let's take a look around the danceing hall and see who is here.

First off, there's Jett, Prince of Walachia, Drakulya's son. His long black hair pulled into a tail, that distinctive white stripe in his hair making him stand out in the crowd. He should be dancing with Princess Penelopee, but oops! He is dancing with Sabrina Strong. Lucky girl! I hear he is a sexual vampire.

Drakulya is dancing with his wife Gwendolyn. And over there is Princess Aljehambra, and her brother (the dreamboat), Drachen! They look gorgeous! But don't let Drachen's good looks fool you, I think he might have need of blood tonight! Yours? Maybe.

Aljehambra has chosen a beautiful lilac gown. She's just dazzling, don't you think?

Uhoh! I think I see the blood broaker, Alucard. He's dancing with Arabella, owner of Arabella's Salloon. But he has his eyes on Sabrina.

In case you were wondering if you were in the right place for the book give away for Vampire Nocturne, you ARE!

Blog Party for Vampire Nocturne

Victorian Ball on “Beyond the Black Veil”

The prize:
One of 4 free paperbacks (SIGNED) to anyone with an address in the continental US.
What you need to do to win:
TWEET & SHARE on FACEBOOK (I'll trust that you do this)
In the comments leave the name of the vampire - or any of the characters (mentioned above) in Vampire Nocturne - you will dance with, or what color your ball gown is, and your email. IF YOU DO BOTH - ball gown corlor (or if male what color coat you are wearing), and vampire you dance with , THAT'S AN EXTRA POINT IN YOUR FAVOR!
I will use the old-fashioned name-in-the-hat system to choose names of 4 lucky winners! The winners will be announced on March 15th by 7 pm, central time.
And I will email those lucky winners that day.

Thank you for joining me! This contest goes on from today, March 9th until the 11th (Monday).


  1. I spend my evening dancing with Drachen, in a deep burgundy silk gown! :) (fun blog post)

  2. I would have to dance with Gwendolyn. If one must tempt fate, go all out. And I'd be wearing black coat, of course!

    Tweeted and shared, Lorelei! This is fun!

  3. Great ball, had fun dancing with Jett in my dark purple gown.

    (don't bother putting my name in the hat, I haven't an US address, but I just had to play. :-) )

  4. Well, Drakulya of course! William, I'll keep him busy so you can dance with Gwyndolen. I think I'd be wearing a massive black gown.

  5. Oh, well good to see you all here! Your carriage must have had a little accident, you guys are so late:
    ~William, I think you'll be safe to dance with Gwendolyn
    ~Lucy, I had a feeling you'd like Jett!
    ~Krisztina you are a great pal to dance with Drakulya so William won't have any trouble.

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  6. I think I'll go for Jett and I'm wearing a green velvet gown a la Gone with the Wind. I bought the ebook, but always nice to get a physical book to brush my fingers against-- ahem! Lol

  7. Oh, Dora, you look fabulous in that wonderful gown! And Jett, he'll have hell to pay with Penelope--but we don't care, do we?
    Thanks for stopping in, Dora! You're on the list, for sure!

  8. I'm not sure who I'd dance with, but my dress would definitely be a lovely dark red color :)

  9. Properly ghoulish! Tweeted & Shared on Facebook.

  10. ~Meradeth, I think Drachen is free, why don't you go and dance with him, and you look very lovely too. Drachen happens to like that color (^;

    ~Mari, I take it you're sitting this one out, but thanks for stopping and sharing the post (^;

  11. Just got your email and had to pop over to say thank you!!


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