Thursday, April 11, 2013


My brain is chock full. Really. If I were a scientist I'd be dangerous. I'd have long ago split the atom, and figured out how to use ley lines to, I don't know, suck one of those pesky countries with tyrants into oblivion. (hey, don't laugh. Ever hear of the Bermuda Triangle? Huh? It's supposed that these black holes are connected to these lines and this is how UFO's travel from one galaxy to the next. And what do you think happen to Atlantis? Huh?) But I'm not a scientist, I only play one in the movies—snort!
Okay, so, yeah. No vacancy sign is up. Why? Because if my brain could hold any more, I'd do the above. Really. Right now I have so many WIPs!
#1: Working on fourth book in the Sabrina Strong series so that you all won't want to shoot me when it isn't out, like tomorrow or the day after because you can't stand to wait a minute more to know what happens to her next. Right? (I love my fans... all five or six of them—double snort.)
#2: Working on the ebook of “Spell of the Black Unicorn”, a very delightful, much enjoyed by those who read it (again, all six of you), in my own brand of paranormal/mystery/romance. (more to come on that soon).
#3: Working on 7th novel—rrrrrt! Wait a minute dawlink. Really?
Yep. The seventh one is upstairs in a dark room—just under the stairs that goes to the attic. I like to think of my brain like a house with many rooms. Sort of like the one I live in. The rooms upstairs have things in it I store. And let me see... yup. There's the 5th book, the 6th book, and the 7th book, all up there, each in their own little rooms waiting.
The fourth one is downstairs, as is my Black Unicorn book. Up in the attic is a bunch of little things I might get to someday but not right now. No. Not until I have sun-up to sun-down to work on my writing.
Every now and then a bit of dialogue seeps through the cracks from upstairs and even though I told brain “Look, I'm not writing another one until I've got something done downstairs here.”
Brain just looks at me snidely and thumbs nose at me.
Stupid brain.
So, I've gotta write the dialogue—sometimes its a snippit to a whole scene—or some bit of idea to throw into the works.
Looks like I'll be doing the note card thing again. You ever hear of it? It works if you have all these unrelated scenes, and you aren't sure where they're going to go. But at some point you will have to make sense of it and need to put it all into order. Somehow. (I found this tip in a Writer's Digest, or one of those writer's magazines that promised you'd be published THIS YEAR!)
This helps only when you  have a lot of  dis-jointed scenes—as you've got them written out somewhere (up in that one dark room). You write down  some brief description on the note card. Like: STEFAN COMES INTO THE HOSPTIAL ROOM AND GIVES SABRINA FAST FOOD.
You make all these little cards up and you can rearrange them to decide where this scene goes and that scene...
And by using a plot guide you know that something has to happen in the first chapter that keeps everyone on the edge of their seat, and that's what I call a mini-climax. At this stage of the game (for #7) I'm only allowing scenes to come to me and I write them down, no plotting at all. Sort of the free will or seat of the pants writing. But it will come. Believe me. And the ideas will come like gang busters and I won't be able to hold back that thing up in the dark room, it will come clattering down those stairs and demand attention like a deformed beast.
So, yeah. No Vacancy. I've had to shut it down until I have time for it. But, like this blog post, which came to me last night as I got into bed, I had to write it or go nuts.
And then I took a sleeping pill so I could sleep. Zzzzz.....


  1. Ah, so I'm not the only one dealing with this?

  2. Nope. Perhaps we should take over a small country? I think the world is safe, however because we're just too damned busy with the writing to take over the world!


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