Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

When ever I get a story under my cap, I've gotta just let it come out. Well, you guys know what I mean. I've said that I was beginning number 7 book in the Sabrina Strong series. The way it needed to be told/written was a bugger, but I figured it out, thanks to reading Charlaine Harris' book Dead In The Family. She doesn't begin with "Chapter One" at all. See, Sookie got badly hurt in the book prior to this one. So, I think what Harris was trying to do was get us all up to speed by putting headings like MARCH THE FIRST WEEK; MARCH THE SAME WEEK, etc.

At the end of the sixth Sabrina Strong book, same thing. Sabrina gets damaged. (Oops, that's a bit of a spoiler, but oh well). So when I started making notes and then writing these individual scenes, I thought of Harris' book and realized that what I need to do is put the dates down as my header. December 15th and so forth, and either the time or place or both, since she's in the hospital. I also did this because there's a lot of stuff going on around her with the other characters, and before I actually got into Sabrina's head too much, I wanted to get into everyone else's heads. It seemed to work. I got the first 36 pages, I believe, where I'm doing this. Then on page 37 I begin Chapter One, and Sabrina's POV.

Sometimes when I'm showing all this back story, I feel a need to sort of step away from Sabrina for a while. Give you the POV of my other main characters. This is what I began doing in the fourth book, and it's very different from the first three. But this 7th one just needed a bit of something extra at the front, and this seemed to work for me.

Sorry, this post is short. Been busy. Hope you all have a good week!


  1. After A to Z I'm all for short posts. I hear ya about the back-story.My sequel was going to be about Vegas but the market is inundated and I'll wait until The Hangover 3 makes everyone puke.

  2. Ooo. Well, you have to find that nitch that makes people want to read your book, after they're sick of something that's been out there.

    Sort of like my vampires vs. the sparkly ones. (^;

  3. Very interesting.

    I just started the new (almost final)Sookie book last night. (I see that there is a post/really final book coming out in the Fall.)

  4. Hi, Sumik! Thanks for chiming in!

    Hmmm, my understanding of it was the final Sookie book was coming out May 27th or such. I went to check on it at Amazon, and it's there-- "Dead Ever After". I need to get Deadfall now, so that I can wallow in need when I'm finished with that one.


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