Sunday, April 6, 2014

Harsh Winter = Weight Gain... Here's What I'm Doing About It

Okay, as pretty much all of you know we had a very rough, very cold, very snowy winter. As a result most of us just wanted to stay warm and eat comfort foods. I'm one of them. I'm also one who can't stick to any exercise program, or diet, so I've got some pounds to loose. I've tried everything--save having the fat sucked out of my body. I've tried the Low Fat diet... it really doesn't work. And you know the pill ads where they claim you'll loose lots of weight. Sure, and then once you quit them, you gain it back and more. I've tried the shakes--same thing. I lost the weight, but I'm not willing to keep on buying the shakes. And the more popular shakes on the shelves, but they don't keep me satisfied. So, I gave up.

But now I've gotten to the point where I can't stand being this heavy, so I've decided to do something I know works. It worked for me before when I tried it. Atkins. 
Atkins Diet plans-follow my links

It worked for me back in 2003/04 when I tried this. I watched the weight shed from me in a matter of a few weeks to a month and into the next month. I got rid of 20 extra pounds and I felt great! But, back then, I didn't have the actual diet plan. I had a recipe book, and in the beginning pages it told basically how to do it, but not enough details for me to know when and how to add more carbs, and certain foods I could eat.

But now that I can go on-line, I've found the actual phases--there's 4 (the 4th one you stay on for life), and I know I can follow this easier than before. Especially since they now have the snack bars, candy, drinks, and frozen meals (although I can't think of why I'd need to buy any frozen meals, as I can make my own salads, breakfasts and dinners).

I think you've seen the ads with Sharon Osborn, and they're funny, but effective. I tried this back when people really thought you were nuts for not accepting a bun with your hamburger. I got criticism from family, but they couldn't deny I lost weight and kept it off for a while, but slipped back because I didn't have the full plan, which you need in order to follow it until you've shed the pounds and can move on through each phase.

In Phase One you have to make sure to keep your carbohydrate intake to 20--no more than 22, and no less than 18. You will have 3 meals, and 2 snacks a day. Never starve yourself, o go more than 3-4 hours without eating. If you want, you can break it up to 5-6 meals a day. You don't want yourself to become ravenously hungry. One of the things that I noticed with the low-fat diet, I was always hungry. Even if I consumed protein, I understand why they say that fats keep you feeling full. You need to have 12-15 carbs of "foundation vegetables". Nearly all of the carbs will come from the vegetables, and some from cheese and certain other products. Meat has none. Some cheese has none, but you do have to check labels.

Although you can eat eggs, and I will eat eggs, I'm going to substitute with "Egg Beaters" for the no cholesterol. And bacon is soooo expensive and greasy, I'll see if I can't use turkey bacon--but not the low-fat. You are not encouraged to use low-fat anything in this diet. There's the danger of lurking carbs inside such things. Any time they make a low-fat something, they add stuff in that maybe you shouldn't eat (like more sodium).

I've ordered my "starter kit" which includes three bars, but I have to wait for them, so I bought a box and I'm going to see how well these work for me. I need something to get me through my 4-hour shift driving a bus. Later on, in May, I'll have a 6-hour shift and I'll have to know how these bars and the drinks will work.

Like I've said, I've tried other ways to loose, but nothing really worked. The Atkins diet is something you can go on, work to get your metabolism back on track, and then gradually, over time, add a few more carbs, but you'll probably never eat bread again--which I can do with out. And so can my husband who has trouble with gluten.

Water is something you need to drink anyway, and 8 glasses of 8 oz. is what you need anyway. But you can substitute with a few cups of tea or coffee, and other drinks, but not fruit drinks. I've found a great tasting sparkling drink called ICE, it has no calories, and no carbs and they have plenty of flavors to choose from. I can't have any alcohol in this first phase, which is fine, and so I'll drink this instead.

Milk: I'm going to try almond milk. The carbs in milk are high, and when you only have 22 carbs to work with, you need to really cut out some things. Ketchup and dressings you really have to watch the carbs. I've settled on a couple, and believe it or not, Ranch dressing is very low in carbs so I can have that on salads, or for dipping.

I'm going to start this seriously in another week. I'll let you know how I do.
Have a great week, guys!


  1. Thanks, William. I think it will, since I've already lost 3 lbs, and have not completely gone on this diet yet.

  2. Good luck! Personally, I stay away from gluten, sugar, and processed foods. But I do eat a square of chocolate everyday.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  3. Went on this years ago and it worked really well. I just sort of went off it. Now that I can follow the diet more carefully, I'm going to stick with it.
    Yeah. Chocolate is a must. In many cases one piece of Dove chocolate is only 5 carbs.


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