Monday, May 5, 2014

The Vampire Lair, Colorado

In Vampire Caprice,  Sabrina has really got herself in a bind with Tremayne. She has gone with him all the way to Colorado in his car, trying to out-wit demons who have been hunting her. Problem is, she doesn't realize this whole thing is being set up by Tremayne in order to take advantage of the situation.

The views are grand from the mountain get-away, and it's easy to understand how one might get overwhelmed by it all.

The cabin belongs to a vampire named Lonny Pennyweather, and he is in charge of a handful of vampires who also live there, along with a few humans, and one werewolf named Chris. I've collected some pictures of a house that was for sale in that area. I don't quite like the interior, but I used some ideas from it.

Here is a view of the "floating" stairway--going up.
The following picture could very well be Sabrina's room.
from White Pines Cabins, Oregon, IL
And this next one would be the "deck" where they (humans) eat.

Anyway, I chose Colorado Springs for a reason. I've been there on a few occasions, and have been to a number of places, including Garden of the Gods, and Cave of the Wind, both places where Sabrina will be going. I've researched and worked in as many places as I could, including Manitou Springs, another spot where Sabrina goes to, and Pike's Peak--actually Vasyl winds up on top of Pike's Peak while trying to locate Sabrina.

Manitou Springs
Tomorrow I'll have a scene from Vampire Capric--The Vampire Lair.
Until then, take care.


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