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Vasyl- from Vampire Caprice & Explanation of how I went about writing this book

Hello, my pretties. How are you all this fine day? We had snow yesterday. Yes, we did. Big huge flakes fell for about 3 or so hours. That was interesting, and depressing at the same time.

Oh, well. On to business.

Today I thought I would bring you a section of the book dealing with Vasyl, Sabrina's protector/husband/vampire. But before I get into this, I thought I would explain how I decided how I would write all these other character's POV in Vampire Caprice. I realized while writing it that if I didn't go mind-dipping into each of my main characters, this book would be extremely short... and basically boring. Well, except for all the sex scenes--tee-hee.

But seriously, if I stayed in Sabrina's 1st person voice the whole while, readers would not get the broad spectrum of the whole story--which wound up being each of these character's story. I had to figure out how I was going to do their voices. No. Not in first person, otherwise people would wonder who's head I was in. I wanted something different and, possibly experimental, but I've seen other writers write like this too. I went with 3rd person on each character, and dipped into their pasts (see below).

In this scene Vasyl discovers that Sabrina has been taken away by Tremayne, who has been able to keep him busy elsewhere while setting Sabrina up. So, I bring you a portion of that scene today. I hope you enjoy it! I'll try and get another one up soon from another character, and keep on bringing them up to and after I've gotten the book out. I am still working on a third read-through of the book, and hope to have this thing ready to go to Amazon in another week or so. It's a very long book, and I want to make sure it's solid before it goes to be published.

Also, from time to time I'll have individual snippets from the book at facebook group "Fans of Sabrina Strong Series, if you want to join me there and join the group, you only need to ask.

Sabrina's house came into view and he slowed, made a circle around the house about fifty feet above. Nothing seemed out of place, except, for Sabrina's missing presence—and her Jeep. Certainly she couldn't be staying over-night at her brother's house.
His indecision kept him hovering. The eastern horizon glowed orange-red and hastened his descent to the house and finally landed on the roof. He had no choice but to enter the domain and stay there for the duration of the day. He knew where the extra key was hidden, and entered. Inside he found the abode silent. The lack of a human heartbeat confirmed it: Sabrina was gone.
But the scent of Sabrina and two others still lingered. Sacrebleu! I should have known! One was a vampire, this he knew by the scent. His whole being sank in spirit, and dread filled him. This very scent had been on Sabrina from time to time. Bjorn Tremayne. The master who had hired her for his own dealings, and had nearly got Sabrina killed on a number of occasions. Vasyl had never met Tremayne, but he knew that scent anywhere. Tremayne had never been to her house, until now.
The other visitor was more difficult to determine. But he was neither vampire nor demon. He, she, or it didn't smell like a vampire or demon, or human for that matter. Perhaps he was something other, but he was not simply human.
Another more troubling scent was that of Ba'al demon. It was as strong. Possibly one, or all of them, had dealt with a Ba'al at some point during the night. Was the demon the danger? Surely, when it came to Tremayne, Sabrina never seemed overly frightened of the master, although she should be.
Vasyl prowled through the house, his dread and anger building. He stopped at the threshold of Sabrina's bedroom where the sliding oak door stood open. The bed still made. But scattered upon it were articles of clothing. Some were still folded, and others in a hap-hazard disarray upon the bed, as though gone through. Drawers were left slightly open.
Curious, he opened her closet. A number of hangers were bare.
It wasn't difficult to put together the scenario. “So, she left with Tremayne! The swine!”
Clenching his fist, Vasyl turned away. He could curse the magnate up and down until he was blue, but that would do him no good. He now understood what had happened. Tremayne had taken Sabrina while Vasyl had been detained by his minions all night. Vasyl believed it wasn't so much against her will since she had packed a bag. But Tremayne must have used extremely devious and persuasive measures. Who knew how bent he could get if he wanted something badly enough? He knew the master vampire had tried to woo Sabrina on a number of occasions. She had confided in him once about those times she had spent with him.
Vasyl wasn't sure what Tremayne's plans were with Sabrina, the sibyl, but he didn't like the idea she was with him. She was vulnerable to him, since he'd had her blood. The blood bond was strong, but it was only vampire-to-human. Vasyl's blood bond with her was stronger, since he had shared his blood with her twice, now. He was certain she had never drank any of Tremayne's blood.
Could he have tricked her into doing so? No. She was not a stupid woman.
He reached out again to find her. Sabrina's spirit was too weak to locate. She must have been miles and miles away. Too far away for him to get to her in a night's trip. And certainly not now with the sun rising.
Vasyl swore under his breath, ran fingers through his long hair, and strode into the kitchen. He stopped. The sun's rays were gleaming through the gaps of the kitchen curtains, glancing in off the table, and a few appliances.
To keep himself safe from harmful rays, he stayed tight to the wall, and angled to the refrigerator. Opening it, he looked for the one thing he knew would be inside. One black bottle of Organic Red. Vasyl did not always have need of bottled blood, but Sabrina always made sure she had some on hand, just in case, which was wise of her, but unnecessary. He had long ago made adjustments in feeding from animals, instead of humans, in order to look for the sibyl and not desire her blood. He'd had it, purposely, only once. Once was enough. The nectar of it was incredibly sweet, and it had given him a slight high, like a glass of very good wine for a human. A lesser vampire, should he drink even a small amount, would find it difficult to stop drinking the richness of her ichor-like blood. To spill her blood would be sacrilege to him.
Vasyl paused to consider why Tremayne would have taken her. He was a master who had lost his crown—so he was told. Tremayne was now considered a rogue. What would a rogue want with the sibyl?
Better yet, what would Tremayne want with Sabrina?
It didn't take him more than a few seconds to come up with the reason. He wanted to mate with her. His mating would fulfill the age-old prophecy.
Two masters who are polar opposites in appearance, and beliefs, will seek the sibyl. She who holds the ring, and who has Knowledge. Two powers shall struggle to take over the new continent. The last sibyl holds the key. The descendant of the Watchers hold the seed, in the abduction there shall be salvation. Redemption shall overrule revenge. And a new race shall be born.”
Sacrebleu!” In other words Tremayne knew of this prophecy too. Who would not look at these lines of the prophecy and not presume the two who were opposites were he and Tremayne? If he was successful, Tremayne might be reinstated as a master by the Powers That Be.
Vasyl let go a frustrated roar that filled the house. He picked up a lamp and threw it. It crashed on the floor. Tremayne was despicable!

He looked at the lamp he'd destroyed. He would buy her a new one. “Damn him to hell and back!”

Fourth book will be out soon!


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