Monday, October 13, 2014

Bits and pieces...

Just a few things today...

I wanted to write something else today, but I'm going to stay with my Halloween theme for the duration of the month.

That being said, here are a few places to check out.

First Penelope Crow talks about Death, here.

Oh, and Krisztina Williams has the corner on anything you need for holiday fixin's as well as fun things for party games and crafts for kids. She has a Halloween chocolate marshmallow pops tutorial right now. These look too good to pass up!

Another place to check on, even after holidays is Vintage Halloween Collector. I love the skeleton wreath, she shows you how to make (no not with real bones, silly!) here.

And another one to check on is Halloween Night. You see? I've got the goods all under one roof. You'll have to look at your own pace, of course. And @ Justine's Halloween... she had a nice delivery of some spooky goods!

I'm up to my knees in my work...

Work on #5 Sabrina Strong book is coming along. 

Oh, but meanwhile, some other ideas for Halloween spring to mind, and they are quite simple really...

Cheese cloth could make a great spook in your yard! Ooooo! It's better than a sheet because it looks tattered! (love the added skull at bottom. Very cool. (You get that I'm deranged, right?)

You could also make some tattered curtains if you really want to spook people out. Die the ends of tattered cheese cloth with tea or coffee to make them look old. Then add spiders or creepy crawlers and hang somewhere for display. That would be an easy thing to do.

Make cre-eee-py ice cubes by adding gummy worms, or such. I'll try and come up with some recipies, too.

Come on by mid-week when I talk about that orange vegetable we all like to cut up or decorate for the season as continuation on my theme for Halloween. I'll be doing these all throughout the month of October. So fly in on your broom!


  1. I'm slowly gathering toons and pics for my Hallowe'en blog, probably doing a movie review for a scary movie beforehand, and will be writing Hallowe'en themed dog and cat blogs.


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